Vanessa Bird on How to Increase Revenue for Your Aesthetics Clinic

Our next episode of The Aesthetics Show is a must-watch for anyone who wants to make more money from their practice!

The Aesthetic Consultant, Vanessa Bird will be joining us to talk about the business side of aesthetic medicine. She’ll be explaining her role and advising on how to increase revenue for your aesthetics clinic.

Vanessa Bird The Aesthetic Consultant Guest on The Aesthetics Show Harley Academy Injectables Training Courses

For those of you considering expanding your offering, Bird and host Dr Marcus Mehta will discuss cross-selling in-clinic and when you should buy a new treatment device. They will also share their thoughts on the best aesthetic devices to invest in.

Just as important as her tips on what to do to grow your business, is her advice on what not to do. The Aesthetic Consultant will outline the most common pitfalls she sees from people trying to build their practice. This includes why social media is such an important tool for anyone in the aesthetics industry.

Having started in medical device sales and business development, the Aesthetic Consultant, Vanessa Bird has over 12 years experience of the aesthetics industry.

She offers bespoke services that range from putting together luxury VIP patient experiences and treatment menus, to advising on ways to maximise patient retention and improve customer care.

Bird now provides innovative business solutions to medical aesthetic professionals including many of the biggest names in the game. Offering an in-depth knowledge of the latest technology in aesthetics devices, her insight into the best apparatus and treatment combinations, as well as her extensive supplier contact list, is highly prized.

With so much valuable information in an hour-long live show, you’ll definitely want to set a reminder for Tuesday 1 December at 7pm on the Harley Academy YouTube account! We will also be screening the show on IGTV for the first time, so be sure to drop the Harley Academy Instagram account a follow too, so you don’t miss out.

In addition to this essential viewing, we’ll be running through the latest news from the world of aesthetics. Harley Academy founder and CEO Dr Tristan Mehta will also be talking us through a lip filler injection demonstration and technique variations.

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