Injectables Masterclasses

Highly-targeted, day-long Injectables Masterclasses that provide expert intuition across the full spectrum of aesthetic medicine treatment planning. From initial consult, through treatment, to follow-up, you’ll watch a specialist demonstration before treating your own patient under expert one-to-one supervision, so you can build confidence in your new aesthetics skills.


Advanced Masterclasses in Injectable

Treating a patient under the direct supervision of a fully qualified aesthetics practitioner will always be the best way to learn. Our 1:1 sessions are designed to help you hone your technical skills with meaningful patient contact and a truly tailored learning experience.

How it Works

FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES / Your Masterclass training begins with our Common Chapter eLearning course, which will teach you the science behind all facial hyaluronic acid filler aesthetic injectables.

SPECIALIST THEORY / Your next step will be eLearning tailored specifically to your area of choice. This will allow you to focus on thoroughly understanding its unique anatomy, ageing, assessment and treatment approach.

TREATMENT / Once you’ve completed your eLearning, you’ll come to our City of London training clinic where you’ll spend a full day exploring your chosen topic. This includes watching a live treatment demonstration, then treating your own patient (provided by us). You will be guided and supervised by a Harley Academy trainer, from patient assessment through to treatment and advice on patient follow-up.

Injectables Masterclass Training

Injectables / Advanced Masterclass

Tear trough filler treatments are one of the most involved techniques a professional injector can learn. In this small-group Masterclass, you’ll learn how to implement safe and effective tear trough treatments from an expert Harley Academy trainer. You’ll also treat your own patient with guidance from an experienced mentor, and watch a live tear trough filler treatment demonstration.

Dermal filler tear trough treatments are one of the most advanced techniques a professional injector can learn. On this group masterclass, you will learn how to implement safe and effective tear trough treatments under the supervision of a Harley Academy expert trainer.

Injectables / Intermediate Masterclass

Perfect your perioral and lip filler techniques, and gain cannula confidence in this area, during our highly-targeted Masterclass. Explore anatomical considerations, injection techniques – including treating the Cupid’s bow, philtrum column and oral commissure management, and complications prevention. Gain hands-on practice by treating your own patients under the supervision of our aesthetics specialists.

Helping practitioners take the necessary precautions to prevent complications, and if complications arise, assess and deal with them confidently and effectively.

In our safe learning environment, students can build confidence, reduce anxiety and crucially improve safe outcomes for patients. 

Injectables / Intermediate Masterclass

This intimate Masterclass will teach you when to treat the mid-face and lower face, as well as when not to treat or when to treat indirectly. Covering cheek fillers, the preauricular area, nasolabial folds, chin filler and jawline contouring. Injectors must understand the interplay of facial musculature, the relative depths of the major vessels and the correct sequence required to beautify or rejuvenate these areas.

Learn from the best and gain expert intuition across the full spectrum of treatment planning from consult to follow-up. Aimed at experienced injectors, this full day session gives you a front row seat as Dr Tristan Mehta hosts this Masterclass across today’s most popular treatments.

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