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Posted 2nd Oct 2023

Harley Academy Profhilo Training Course Announced

Profhilo Training Course Harley Academy Medical Aesthetics Training Courses

Profhilo® training is coming to Harley Academy!

Harley Academy is the UK’s only authorised Profhilo® training provider approved by HA-Derma.

Our training course will cover Profhilo® for face and body in one course. We’ll even provide the patients for your practical treatments!

Profhilo Training Course Harley Academy Medical Aesthetics Training Courses

What is Profhilo?

The first of its kind, Profhilo® is a revolutionary hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment, made with patented NAHYCO® technology. It has successfully created a new aesthetic medicine vertical between dermal fillers and skin boosters.

Launched in 2015, Profhilo® has one of the “highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market”. This deep hydration is responsible for what patients often refer to as the coveted “Profhilo glow”.

Profhilo® hydrates the skin – similarly to a skin booster but far more powerful – but it also stimulates collagen and elastin. This prolonged cell stimulation results in significant tissue improvement, which is why it’s not classified as a skin booster.

Its unique method of action helps to tackle skin laxity by restoring and improving the skin’s firmness from within. By remodelling ageing tissue, it also has an impressive tightening effect.

Some of the common concerns Profhilo can be used to address include:

1. Dehydrated and/or dull skin

2. Skin laxity and crepiness

3. Fine lines and wrinkles.

Exclusive Training Partner for Profhilo®

HA-Derma is the award-winning supplier and exclusive distributor which introduced Profhilo® to the UK.

Iveta Vinkler, Sales and Marketing Director for HA-Derma, explains, “Patients and practitioners know and trust Profhilo® by name alone.

“By working with exceptional, ethical, medically-trained providers like Harley Academy, we help set educational benchmarks in the aesthetic community that improve patient safety and satisfaction.”

HA-Derma further notes that “Profhilo® offers a paradigm shift in skin rejuvenation and revitalisation. The first BDDE-free multi-level injectable HA, patented NAHYCO® technology therapeutically stimulates endogenous collagen, elastin, and adipocyte stem cells in synergy, to address the fundamental causes of cutaneous ageing.”

Harley Academy Founder and CEO, Dr Tristan Mehta, confirms, “Profhilo® is a unique injectable that has created a category of its own. HA-Derma has done an outstanding job at positioning Profhilo® as a premium treatment for patients, and educating professionals on how it can fit within their injectable portfolio”.

“Harley Academy is very happy to be appointed as the exclusive training partner, continuing HA-Derma’s high-quality education and furthering Profhilo®’s safe and effective use”.

Profhilo Training Course Harley Academy

Why is Harley Academy introducing Profhilo® training?

As our trainees progress through their journeys in aesthetics careers, we want them to continue developing from technicians to experts. Profhilo® is a highly in-demand, multi-tasking skin treatment that patients love.

By offering this Profhilo® training course, we’re able to support our students’ higher education in medical aesthetics and boost their revenue.

Why should I consider Profhilo® training?

Profhilo is a fantastic addition to your aesthetics treatment menu for three main reasons.

Firstly, it’s a great treatment for your clinic to offer because of its huge patient satisfaction rate. Known for giving patients “glowing skin”, this desirable aesthetic is something people look for year-round, especially for big events and party season.

Secondly, it contributes to your revenue stream and helps build your client base. Whilst it can be offered as a one-off, Profhilo® generally requires a course of two treatments to be carried out four weeks apart. The results will then last up to six months.

This, therefore, requires more frequent visits than some of the standard filler or botox treatments. Seeing your patients more regularly also allows you to develop a better relationship and understanding of them and their needs. It also attracts patients seeking skin quality results rather than facial enhancements.

Lastly, undertaking authorised Profhilo® training means you can safely and confidently offer this popular injectable and expand your practice. The knowledge and skills you acquire will enable you to keep up with the demands of today’s aesthetics patients.

Profhilo Training Course Harley Academy

What the Harley Academy Profhilo Training Course covers

Our Profhilo training course will focus on three main topics: product science, patient assessment and clinical training.

It’s designed to give you in-depth knowledge of how Profhilo® hydrates skin and the process of stimulation that occurs. Furthermore, you’ll learn about where it sits within the realm of injectable treatments.

This will be done through pre-course eLearning, which you can continue to use afterwards as a valuable reference guide. Your practical Profhilo® training will allow you to learn the best injection techniques for safe and effective treatment outcomes.

You’ll observe aesthetics specialists’ demonstrations to help your understanding of the optimal approach for each treatment area. Then, you’ll get hands-on and treat your own patient under the supervision and guidance of our mentors. This will give you vital experience in using the product safely in a real clinic environment.

Who can take the course?

As with all our medical aesthetics courses, our authorised Profhilo® training course will be open to doctors, dentists and nurses only.

In terms of a minimum level of experience, you must have also successfully completed will You will also need to provide evidence of successful completion of foundation training in facial aesthetics. This could have been with Harley Academy or another medical aesthetics training provider.

We will be announcing the start date for our Profhilo® Training Course course shortly. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletters to be the first to hear! You can sign up by completing the form below in our footer.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to join the waiting list, please contact our Course Advisors.

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