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Posted 7th Jun 2024

What is Profhilo Structura? New Regenerative Skin Injectable

What is Profhilo Structura - Training Courses Harley Academy

Want to know more about Profhilo Structura? We’re here to help… (And if you just want to know about Profhilo Structura training courses, skip to the end!)

Profhilo® has had the ‘skinjectables’ market locked down since its launch in 2015. A novel skin booster that offers deep hydration, one of Profhilo’s key points of difference was offering bio-remodelling. Using proprietary NAHYCO technology, the injectable can stimulate collagen and elastin production, offering reductions in fine lines and wrinkles without fillers.

Now, the next generation of Profhilo® has been released. Profhilo® Structura is a regenerative skin treatment targeting deeper structural changes in the face, caused by ageing. 

We spoke to our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Emily Mehta, who attended the launch, for her insights into this exciting new injectable treatment.

Profhilo® Structura manufacturer, IBSA Derma, has also provided information on how to inject this new treatment, how long results last and more…

Profhilo Structura new regenerative skin treatment cosmetic injectable training at Harley Academy

What is Profhilo® Structura?

“Profhilo Structura is a hyaluronic acid injectable gel,” explains Dr Emily. “The exciting thing about this product is that it’s specifically indicated to regenerate subcutaneous fat. This is the first product that has this specific indication.”

It has a G’ prime of 95 and combines high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for adipose restoration. Structura comes in 2ml pre-filled syringes which contain a total of 90mg of HA.

According to the clinical research findings released by the manufacturer, and echoing the positive response to Profhilo®, Structura has been seen to have a high patient satisfaction rate. 

“Easy to incorporate into your clinical practice”

“I’m very excited about this product,” enthuses Dr Emily. “I’ve already used it on some patients. It’s very easy to incorporate it into your clinical practice and it gives people what they’re looking for. In more recent years there’s definitely been a shift in the market to wanting more regenerative treatments that have ongoing benefits for the tissues involved, rather than just temporary cosmetic treatments.

“This is a perfect treatment for that because it regenerates the tissues whilst still giving results similar to some filler treatments. I think that any aesthetic practitioner who offers injectables, or indeed skin rejuvenation treatments, will find a place for Structura.”

PROFHILO STRUCTURA patient satisfaction data

An IBS Derma product

Profhilo® and Structura are IBSA Derma products. IBSA Derma is part of the Institute Biochemical SA (IBSA) Group, founded in 1945 by a group of Swiss biologists. The company’s unique feature is being in control of every step of the production process from raw materials to final products.

The company specialises in producing medical devices and “dermatology-based” hyaluronic acid (HA), including Ultrapure. This is a patented form of super-fine powdered ultra-purified HA used in medical and pharmaceutical injectables.

Which areas can be treated with Structura?

Currently, Profhilo® Structura can be used to treat subcutaneous fat loss in the face only. Its primary purpose is to address facial sinking and sagging.

Key patient selection indications for Profhilo Structura

Who is Profhilo® Structura suitable for?

Dr Emily counsels, “If your patients are starting to see sinking or sagging skin as they age, this means that there’s a treatment option for them. It’s arguably safer than filler and has regenerative ongoing benefits as well as more shorter-term results.

“This product helps reduce the ageing changes in the fat but because of the way that it spreads, it will also help the overlying skin in the same way that Profhilo does.”

IBSA Derma describes Structura-suitable indications as:


“Predominant hollow or sunken appearance, often exhibit adipose tissue depletion in the lateral cheek”


“Predominant appearance of tissue droop and fat bulges. The tissues appear as if they are sliding away from the underlying bone structure, and connective tissues lose their integrity”.

Diagram explaining the differences between Profhilo and Profhilo Structura injectables

What’s the difference between Profhilo® and Structura?

“Profhilo regenerates the structure of the skin,” notes Dr Emily. “Structura goes one layer below, into the subcutaneous fat.”

Whilst Profhilo® has options for the face and the body, currently Structura is solely indicated for adipose restoration in facial treatments. It’s designed to restore facial structures where age-related changes have caused atrophy in the subcutaneous layer. 

Dr Emily says, “I encourage practitioners to use and learn about this product because it fills in the gap within our toolbox of treatments that we can offer. It’s also, in comparison to other treatments, very user-friendly and very patient-friendly. It is comfortable, low risk and there’s little-to-no downtime at all. It also has an extremely good safety profile.”

Profhilo Structura Before and After photos

How does it work?

Both Profhilo® and Profhilo® Structura feature IBSA Derma’s patented NAHYCO technology. This allows high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to be combined without the need for cross-linking chemical agents. 

By creating a “cooperative hybrid complex where short and long chains are linked by hydrogen bonds” a high concentration of HA can be achieved “without compromising the ease and safety of procedures”. This also makes it more tolerable.

Four key steps in the Profhilo® Structura production process

  • 45mg of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (H-HA) are combined with 45mg of low molecular weight HA (L-HA)
  • This mix is then heated using NAHYCO technology, breaking the hydrogen bonds that connect the H-HA molecules
  • The temperature of the mix is then lowered, “causing the hydrogen bonds to form between the H-HA and L-HA molecules”. This creates and stabilises the “hybrid cooperative complexes”
  • The result is a new molecule - Profhilo® Structura.
How Profhilo Structura regenerative skin injectable is produced - diagram

How do you administer Profhilo® Structura?

“Unlike Profhilo, Structura is administered with a cannula,” notes Dr Emily. “That is the key difference in the technique between the two products.

“It’s advisable that you have some experience with a cannula before using Structura.”

Structura injection techniques for facial hollowing and sinking

IBSA Derma advises that “Sinkers” will often display:

  • “[T]hinner skin and tissue density”
  • “[I]ncreased visibility of underlying bone structures, especially around the temples and under the cheekbones”.

For these patients, it’s directed that: 

  • Profhilo® Structura should be injected into the superficial fat compartment of the preauricular area
  • A retrograde injection technique should be used with a 22G x 50mm cannula
  • 1ml of product should be used on each side
  • The entry point should be 2cm from the tragus.

Structura injection techniques for facial sagging

For “Saggers”, signs can include:

  • “[O]verall thicker and denser skin”
  • “[C]oncentration of volume in the lower areas”
  • ‘[L]oss of support in the skin and soft tissue, leading to increased laxity and skin descendence”.

IBSA Derma recommends that, in these cases:

  • Profhilo® Structura should be injected into superficial fat compartment of the preauricular area and zygomatic arch
  • A retrograde injection technique should be used with a 25G x 38mm cannula
  • 0.5ml of product should be injected into the preauricular area on each side, and 0.5ml should be administered to the zygomatic arch on each side
  • The entry point should be 3cm from the tragus.
Diagram showing who is suitable for Profhilo Structura regenerative skin injectables

How long do Profhilo® Structura results last?

Treatments initially involve two sessions, 30 days apart, followed by maintenance appointments where needed. Results should last around 4 months.

Assuming these two treatments are carried out as directed, from their first Profhilo® Structura treatment your patients will require a follow-up for potential maintenance at around the 5 month mark. This is illustrated in the above diagram.

profhilo structura training course waiting list

Do you require separate Profhilo® and Profhilo® Structura training courses?

Harley Academy is the only official injectables training partner of HA-Derma, the UK distributor of Profhilo® products. We will be rolling out our new Profhilo® Structura course shortly.

You must complete a Profhilo Training Course before you can start your Profhilo® Structura Training Course.

This is because Structura targets a different concern, in different layers and uses different injection techniques.

Our Profhilo® course allows you to learn how to treat the face and body in one day, with a wealth of eLearning resources to further your education. This is available as a standalone module, or can be taken as part of our broader Cosmetic Dermatology Course

We will be launching our Profhilo Structura Training Course soon but this will not be part of our Cosmetic Dermatology Course. Be the first to get all the details by signing up to our waiting list.

We hope this information is useful and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting new product!

All information correct at the time of publication

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