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10 Tips For Marketing Your Aesthetics Practice

Congratulations! You’ve been awarded your Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers. You’ve successfully completed various 1:1 Injectables Training Sessions and are feeling confident enough to start treating patients on your own.

But where exactly do you get these patients from..?

Here is a series of links to our 10 tips for marketing your aesthetics practice, aimed at helping new injectors to get their aesthetics practices off the ground.

10 Tips for Marketing Your Aesthetics Practice


1. Identify your best assets

2. Identify your ideal patients

3. Start small when planning your treatment menu

4. Think about the type of experience you enjoy as a customer or patient

5. Learn the dos and don’ts of social media posting and advertising

6. Write a list of everyone you know

7. Take lots of photos but always get the appropriate consent in writing

8. Branding advice and getting your brand imagery right

9. Use your authentic voice for honesty and credibility that will resonate with patients

10. Don’t be afraid to refuse treatment

We hope you find these aesthetics marketing tips useful and do let us know if you try any out over on the Harley Academy Comma platform (exclusively available to our students) or leave us a comment over on Instagram.

If you’d like to know more about this side of aesthetics, including how to get patients and keep them coming back, our eLearning course, Business Marketing for Aesthetic Medicine is a fantastic resource.

Learn in your own time, at your own pace – plus the assets this course provides you with are yours to keep. This tailored course is well worth the investment as it will equip you with knowledge and tools that you’ll use throughout your career.