The key to success

Succeeding as an aesthetic clinician requires many skills — practical, clinical and social — and mentoring at Harley Academy develops all of these.

Clinical mentoring is so important to us that we created our own clinic chain to deliver it. To put it simply, mentoring is the best way to get what you actually need to succeed.

Confidence and tactile skills make Harley Academy graduates uniquely employable

Whether you want a top role at a cosmetic clinic or to set up your own practice, it will be the skills that you learn first hand in the clinic that allows you to position yourself or your practice at the top of the market.

Our mentors are trained to build your skills and confidence at the pace that’s right for you. Supervised mentoring is always at a ratio of one mentor to one trainee. You will see your practical technique improve rapidly.

More than just injecting

You will practise full end-to-end interactions with clients. This will include:

  • Pre-treatment consultation
  • Managing expectations
  • Facial assessment
  • Personalised treatment
  • Long-term treatment plans
  • Aftercare

Learning to build a strong professional rapport with patients will ensure that they, in turn, are loyal, and secure the future of your aesthetics business or position at a clinic. We select all of our mentors for their interpersonal skills as well as clinical talent, and you will learn a range of effective patient relationship styles from each Harley Academy mentor that you train with.

Clinical mentoring with vikram swaminathan

Personalised aesthetic medicine

You will see 40 patients during your mentoring with Harley Academy. This is in-line with HEE requirements to future-proof your education, and also exposes you to a realistic level of variety.

There are many patient types and no single approach to treatment. By observing and treating 40 or more patients, you will learn how to safely adapt treatments to an individual’s anatomy, skin condition, and concerns.

Upon completion of your mentoring, you will have learnt not just to follow safe techniques but also to innovate to meet the needs of each unique patient you will see during your career.

Harley Academy’s mentoring programme puts you on the path to deliver personalised treatments.

Our Mentors

Our mentors are not just picked for their success within the aesthetics industry, but for their teaching skills. As with university mentors, they must all meet HEE mentoring criteria undergo rigorous mentoring audits. 

See our team to read more about individual mentors.