Cosmetic Dermatology – Chemical Peels Workshop

Cosmetic Dermatology - Theory of Medium Chemical Peels and Injectables in Skin Rejuvenation

Course Information

Thank you for signing up to the Cosmetic Dermatology- Theory of Medium Chemical Peels and Injectables in Skin Rejuvenation Course. Please refer to your confirmation email to find your booked date and time.

What Do I Need To Do Next?

1. Complete your pre-learning

Prior to attending the event you are required to complete the Courses on Medium Chemical Peels and Injectables in Skin Rejuvenation. 

The eLearning is accessible through your Harley Academy account. 

Simply go to the Harley Academy Website and log into your account. Access your Courses, and begin your 2 eLearning Courses. 

Download a short video here to see a demonstration of how to access the eLearning. 

Please note, if this is the first time you are accessing your account, you will be required to complete your basic information prior to accessing your courses.

Injectables Foundation Day

2. Prepare you work environment

As a distance learning event, please ensure you are in a comfortable environment to work in. We recommend making sure you have a stable internet connection, constant power for the device you are working from, and space to take notes whether physical or digital. 

Don’t worry we will give you plenty of opportunities to make tea and coffee!

What can I expect on the day?

The webinar will consist of a series of lectures on Medium Chemical Peels and Injectables in Skin Rejuvenation, accompanied by purpose built presentations to build on your knowledge from the Foundation Event.

You will also be able to observe a series of demonstrations on patients in the clinic. The camera will be operated to ensure you get up close and personal with the treatments themselves so you can see how they are conducted. 

If you need to change your course date, please be aware that we require 14 calendar days notice. If you have any further questions, then please contact us on or 0203 859 7598.