Chemical Peel Training

Chemical Peel Training

Chemical Peel courses with a difference

Chemical Skin peel procedure

Chemical peel training is changing. Traditionally, beauty therapists have been limited to the beauty therapy courses dictated by their progression route while medical professionals are restricted to one-day courses with manufacturers resulting in a limited scope of practice.

However, Harley Academy now offer medical-standard courses in dermatology and skin rejuvenation for doctors, dentist, nurses, qualified beauty therapists,and many allied healthcare professionals.

Our skin rejuvenation courses will allow you to become a real skin expert. As well as chemical skin peels, they include microneedling training, dermatology courses,  and cover wider topics about skin health in general. Show employers and clients that you have the knowledge essential to career progression in aesthetics.

The Chemical Peel course that’s right for you

Everyone is different. At Harley Academy, we offer various levels of chemical peel training to suit your background. Offer peels to your current patients, widen your knowledge of clinical dermatology, or gain an internationally recognised qualification in Skin Rejuvenation to improve your employability.

Harley Academy is the UK’s top vocational medical school in the field of aesthetics training. Our faculty and community of aesthetics students is the largest in the country, which is an excellent source of support for all of our learners.

Our Chemical Peel courses are designed to give you a strong foundation of peer-reviewed medical knowledge and mentoring from experienced aesthetic practitioners to help you quickly gain practical experience. The courses we offer all reflect our high standard of safety and integrity.

Option 1: Skin Rejuvenation Foundation Day for Beauty Professionals

This one-day course will introduce you to the world of skin:

  • Become able to deliver two of the most effective skin techniques: microneedling (“dermaroller”) and chemical peels (“chemical exfoliation” or “skin peels”).
  • Learn to evaluate your patient’s skin type, condition, and tone to assess which procedures to use for the best results.
  • Be taught by experienced aesthetic practitioners in small groups, with plenty of feedback.
  • Live demonstrations on real patients and practice sessions to gain hands-on practice.

Option 2: Microneedling, Mesotherapy and Chemical Peels: Core Knowledge for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses

Learn the tools and techniques to create better patient results with skin rejuvenation. This highly practical day focuses on three key rejuvenation techniques.

  • Live demonstrations on real patients
  • Hands-on practice of chemical peels as well as microneedling and mesotherapy (prescription-strength) procedures
  • Lectures on dermatology
  • Small group teaching and Q&A

Option 3: Skin Rejuvenation Foundation Day for other Medical Professionals

Start a new career with this one day course in skin rejuvenation. Learn how to combat acne, scarring, uneven skin colour, superficial wrinkles and more.

  • Become able to deliver two of the most effective skin techniques: microneedling (“dermaroller”) and chemical peels.
  • Learn to evaluate skin type, condition, and tone to assess which procedures to use for different patients.
  • Live demonstrations on real patients and practice sessions to gain hands-on practice.

Option 4: Full Level 4 Certificate in Skin Rejuvenation for Aesthetic Medicine

Internationally recognised qualification for practitioners wishing to become experts in skin science and the delivery of mild chemical peels or shallow micro-needling. This qualification is also the first step in achieving a full Level 7 in Skin Rejuvenation for Aesthetic Medicine. The perfect precursor to manufacturer-specific training, this course covers all techniques and product options.

5 Benefits of Chemical Peel Training

Aesthetic medicine is a booming industry with a high profit margin. You can charge £75-250 for these 30-minute chemical peel procedures.

Being trained will give you the ability to open a private aesthetic practice granting you the opportunity to choose when you work. This can be in the evenings so you can spend more time with your children or on weekends opening up more free time during the week.

Gain new skills in medical procedures making yourself more employable in cosmetic clinics, medi-spas, and beauty salons. Or start your own aesthetics business like many of our graduates!

The beauty industry is rapidly changing and it is important to continuously be updated with the changes in order to not fall behind competitors. Patients are looking for the latest treatment methods which can only be offered if you keep learning. This is an opportunity for you to gain knowledge and increase your clientele

Being able to work in a private clinic gives you the opportunity to develop close relationships with your patients – and feel the reward of their happiness with receiving the best results with skin rejuvenation.

Why Choose Harley Academy for Chemical Peel Training?

Convenience through online learning

In today’s world, we understand that everyone has a busy schedule and learning skin rejuvenation isn’t your only commitment. Thus, the online learning course we offer grants you flexibility so you can allocate time when you are comfortable and ready to learn. Rather than being required to show up to class, you are able to decide when the best time for you to learn is. This not only grants you independence but also allows you to learn at your own pace.

Practical experience

Our course includes hands-on learning under supervision to maximize the development of your practical skills.

Our training always takes place in functioning clinical environments – giving you experience of working in a top aesthetic clinic.

Support from dedicated staff

We have a full-time team of academic and clinical support staff every working day ready to offer you support and address any questions or problems you may have in your progression through the course.



Employability with impressive accreditation

Gain knowledge that will make you stand out from your competitors. We offer innovative courses and tools for our community so they have the skills to be the best in the field.



A team of experts

Our medical standard courses are founded by doctors and academics with years of experience. With a qualified team, our qualifications have become one of the most respected in the aesthetic industry.

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Level 4 training in Skin Rejuvenation

This course offers an internationally recognised qualification for medical practitioners and people with non-medical backgrounds who are looking to advance their careers into aesthetic medicine.Alternatively, if you are looking to achieve a full Level 7 Certificate in Skin Rejuvenation the qualification pathway starts (for everyone) at Level 4.

Level 4 is the “core” qualification. It covers the most of any of our courses because it contains the foundations of good medical practice in aesthetic medicine. You will complete the material at a unique pace depending on your background, but everyone on the course masters the core skills needed to deeply understand how chemical peels and microneedling work.

The Level 4 includes a Skin Foundation Day for Beauty Professionals or a Skin Foundation Day for Medical Professionals.

Level 4 in Chemical Peels & Skin Rejuvenation: Course structure

STEP 1: Foundation Training Day

The first step in earning your qualifications is the Foundation Training day. In this one day course, you will be exposed to the complexities of the skin. Through experienced trainers and hands-on practice, you will gain an understanding of various types of skin conditions, types, and tones in order to be able to administer the appropriate procedures.

If you are not yet sure whether aesthetic medicine is for you, we offer the Foundation Day as a  standalone course for doctors, dentist, nurse, beauty professionals, and healthcare professionals.

STEP 2: Online learning

We offer a next-level digital learning experience, created in collaboration with OCB Media, the largest online learning supplier to the NHS.

Our online learning includes interactive exercises, videos, and quizzes that will help you gain knowledge on skills needed for aesthetic medicine. The units you will cover online include theory about microneedling, mesotherapy and chemical peels but also:

  • Professionalism, Law & Ethics
  • Health & Safety
  • Dermatology, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Topical Skin Therapy

STEP 3: Clinical Mentoring

At Harley Academy, we realize that hands-on training is an imperative part of developing your practical skills. With this in mind, we make sure that you have at least two mentoring days for each level of the Skin Rejuvenation qualification. The clinical mentoring will consolidate your confidence as a skin expert, allowing you to:

  • Gain experience with carrying out real patient consultations
  • Understand different skin types and how to treat complications
  • Learn how to create personalised treatment plans for your client
  • Get direct feedback on your technique
  • Experience with working in a top cosmetic clinic

STEP 4: Assessment

To achieve your qualification you need to pass some written tests and collect a logbook of 24 treatments that you have performed. Once you’ve been through the online learning and performed 24 treatments you should be more than confident and proficient in both the theory and practice of skin rejuvenation. Passing your assessments will enable you to prove this.


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