Student Testimonial: Dr Rita Nandi

Level 7 Diploma student, Dr Rita Nandi was recently profiled on the medical aesthetics community app, Comma.

Dr Nandi, 38, is an NHS GP, the founder and medical director of The Bloom Clinic in London’s Canary Wharf and a former dancer. 

As well as channeling her creativity and love for medical procedures, we were understandably thrilled to read how Harley Academy inspired her to move into injectables and wanted to share some of her interview with you, here.

Harley Academy Student Testimonial - Dr Rita Nandi - COMMA medical aesthetics community app interview
Dr Rita Nandi

Comma interviews Dr Rita Nandi

I’ve been an NHS doctor for 14 years and qualified as a GP in 2015 after working in South Africa and spending a few years working in A&E and orthopaedics. 

I studied medicine at the University of Leeds and did an intercalated BSc in Physiology at King’s College London which included lab research in pre-eclampsia. I practice aesthetic medicine in Canary Wharf, London.

I wanted to be a doctor from a young age as I had a few family members who I looked up to who were doctors. While I was on a GP rotation at medical school, I came across a GP who was treating patients with Botox privately. This piqued my interest but I didn’t really think much about it until I was practicing as a full-time GP for a few years and wanted to explore other things I could do. 

I attended a conference on alternative careers for doctors and came across someone talking about a successful transition they had made out of NHS work into full-time aesthetics. I also found myself ageing quite rapidly after my mid-30s and started looking at treatments I could have personally. That’s when I decided that, as much as I enjoyed being a GP, aesthetic medicine was a new, challenging area that I wanted to specialise in. 

I’m doing the Level 7 with Harley Academy and have gone on lots of additional courses as part of my commitment to be a safe practitioner and be as useful as possible for a hiring clinic in the future. 

Going into aesthetics has breathed new life into my career and I’m excited that I’m able to work in something very different alongside part-time GP work.

I came across Harley Academy while I was researching a career in aesthetic medicine, which included reading HEE’s 2015/2016 recommendations for the cosmetic industry. I was shocked at how unregulated the industry was! 

It was important to me to have a strong foundation before I started practicing and Harley Academy seemed to have a robust Level 7 in place with lots of great reviews. I attended one of their open evenings in December 2019. It included info on their Level 7 Diploma and I immediately knew they were the training providers for me…. I think I signed up the next day.

Aesthetics is an exciting medical field where you get to know your regular patients, you can practice as a doctor but create results in an artistic way. It ticks all the boxes for me. 

Read the full interview on Comma

HARLEY ACADEMY medical aesthetics training student Dr Rita Blossier testimonial COMMA

We hope this unprompted testimonial inspires you and you can read the full interview with Dr Rita Nandi over on Comma. Harley Academy students also have exclusive access to our dedicated online community there.

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