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Posted 28th Mar 2022

Using Toxin To Lift One Eyebrow Only

Using Toxin To Lift One Eyebrow Only

We’ve recently been asked “How do I use toxin to lift one eyebrow only?”

This may seem a straightforward question for a new injector, but there’s actually a lot to unpack here. This includes examining why you would want to lift just one brow and the relevant anatomical considerations.

We interviewed Dr Jaymi Lad, aesthetics specialist, clinic owner and clinical trainer, about this. Here is her expert advice, including the most common mistakes new practitioners make when performing this treatment and how to avoid them.

Using Toxin To Lift One Eyebrow Only

When would you need to lift one eyebrow only?

I would only use toxin to lift one eyebrow if there was a significant asymmetry. For example, a facial asymmetry secondary to Bell’s Palsy.

What are the anatomical considerations when using toxin to lift one brow?

To lift the brows, we can either treat the glabella complex (as it is a brow depressor), or we can treat the lateral upper fibres of the orbicularis oculi. Theoretically, sparing the lateral fibres of frontalis from a toxin treatment of the forehead will also cause ‘intentional’ spocking. This would also lift the brow as the active fibres continue to elevate.

Are there any specific patient considerations injectors should be aware of?

Underlying structural bony support is a consideration. If the change in brow position is due to a change in the underlying bone structure – from bone resorption as we age – it may be best to consider filler over toxin.

Another consideration is gender presentation. An arch or brow lift is considered a feminising trait. Male brows typically tend to sit closer to the supraorbital rim and are flatter.

Realistic expectations also need to be considered. The actual lift achieved using toxin is mild, so alternatives may need to be sugg

ested depending on the patient’s expectations and goals.

Advanced Masterclasses In Injectables

What is your injecting approach when using toxin to lift the brow?

I use a single, superficial injection into the lateral upper fibres of the orbicularis oculi muscle with toxin, using a 30g needle. Be mindful not to inject too medially, as if the levator palpebrae superioris is affected, an eyelid ptosis will occur.

Tell us about the common mistakes and risks associated with this type of brow lift, and how to avoid them…

1. Lid ptosis

Diffusion of toxin in this area could result in lid ptosis if it affects the levator palpebrae superioris muscle. Your injection point still needs to be 1-1.5cm away from the supraorbital rim and avoid treating close to the mid pupillary line.

2. Feminisation

Arched brows are considered a feminine characteristic, so make sure this is in line with your treatment goals.

3. Using filler vs toxin to lift the brows

Where bone resorption has played a part in changes to anatomy, filler may be more appropriate. This is an advanced dermal filler procedure.

4. Creating an asymmetry

This is a possibility. To avoid this, I would not treat any minor or subtle asymmetries.

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