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Posted 8th Apr 2024

How to Prevent Uneven Lip Filler Results

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We’ve explained what causes lopsidedness, now let’s explore how to prevent uneven lip filler results.

In part two of our interview with Dr Karla Orsine Murta Dias provides further insights. Dr Karla is a Harley Academy clinical trainer and medical aesthetics specialist.

These spotlight various options open to you, as an aesthetics practitioner, for preventing uneven lip filler results.

Read her advice below then come back for the final two instalments of our interview. In part three, we’ll explore how to manage lopsided outcomes should the worst happen! Part four will conclude this series with Dr Karla’s checklist for new injectors on creating safe, even lip filler results every time.


How can aesthetics practitioners avoid uneven lip filler results?

“As practitioners, we can implement several strategies to minimise the risk of lopsided lip filler results”, advises Dr Karla.

These are her top step-by-step tips…

1. Comprehensive assessment

“Conduct a thorough assessment of your patient's facial anatomy, including lip shape, symmetry, and proportions, prior to treatment. Identify any pre-existing asymmetries or anatomical variations that may influence the outcome.

2. Customised aesthetics treatment plan

“Develop a customised treatment plan tailored to your patient's unique facial features and aesthetic goals. Consider factors such as lip volume, definition and balance to achieve harmonious results.”

3. Precise, balanced lip filler injection techniques

“Use precise and balanced injection techniques to ensure even filler distribution across both lips. Employ techniques, such as micro-droplet injections or serial punctures to achieve smooth and uniform augmentation while maintaining symmetry.”

4. Symmetry assessment

“Continuously assess symmetry throughout your injection process by comparing the appearance of both lips from multiple angles. Make adjustments as needed to address asymmetries and achieve an optimal balance for proportionate and even lip filler results”

5. Gradual augmentation

“Adopt a conservative approach to lip augmentation, gradually building volume over multiple treatment sessions if necessary. This allows you to carefully observe how the filler settles and distributes within the lips. It can minimise the risk of overcorrection or asymmetry.”

6. Patient Education

“Educate your patients about the potential for asymmetry and the importance of realistic expectations. Discuss the possibility of touch-up treatments or adjustments to address any minor asymmetries that may arise post-procedure.”

7. Post-treatment care

“Provide your lip filler patients with post-treatment instructions to optimise healing and minimise swelling. Advise them to avoid excessive pressure or manipulation of the lips. Furthermore, they should follow recommended guidelines for massage or ice application.”

Improve Lip Filler Results Massage Techniques

Minimise the likelihood of lopsided lip filler outcomes

“By implementing these measures and maintaining a careful approach to lip filler injections, aesthetics practitioners can minimise the risk of lopsided results,” confirms Dr Karla. “You should, therefore, be able to achieve symmetrical and natural-looking outcomes for your patients.”

A thorough injectables education in facial anatomy, patient selection, dermal fillers and injection techniques is invaluable. This can help you stand out as a safe practitioner. Moreover, it positions you as a medical professional who can give patients the natural, proportionate looks they want.

Whether you’re looking for an Oqual-regulated, Master’s level aesthetics training qualification or want to immerse yourself in a lip filler masterclass to improve specific techniques, Harley Academy has a course for you.

Explore our Injectables Training Courses page to learn more about our postgraduate aesthetic medicine training options. Our aesthetics courses are pen to doctors, dentists, nurses and clinical pharmacists.

Or, if you’d prefer to talk through your options based on your career goals, book a call with our knowledgeable and friendly consultants. They’ll also be able to answer your questions, including details of our payment plans. They can also discuss our Level 7 Licensing Guarantee if you’re looking to future-proof your career against the incoming aesthetics licensing scheme for England.

Join us for part three of Dr Karla’s interview where we’ll go through managing unbalanced lip filler results. She’ll share her advice on what to do if you cause uneven lip filler results. Additionally, Dr Karla will explain how to deal with patients who come to you about lopsided outcomes from another injector.

Head over to the Harley Academy Instagram account to save our posts which link to these articles. There’s a lot here to digest and it’s well worth bookmarking for future reference!

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