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Posted 11th Apr 2024

How to Manage and Correct Uneven Lip Filler Results

How to Prevent Uneven Lip Filler Results

Part three of our interview with Dr Karla Orsine Murta Dias explores how to manage and correct uneven lip filler.

Dr Karla is a clinical trainer and aesthetics specialist at Harley Academy. In this article, she outlines how aesthetics practitioners can tackle lopsided lip filler results. She provides insights as to how to address cases you’ve caused yourself and those caused by other injectors.

If you haven’t already, check out part one of this interview covering the common causes of uneven lip filler.

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Immediate management of uneven lip filler results

“If an injector encounters uneven lip filler results caused by their technique, it's crucial to take proactive steps to address the issue,” Dr Karla advises.

Here's her three-step advice on how aesthetics practitioners can manage these results...

1. Assessment and communication

“Begin by carefully assessing the asymmetry and determining the underlying cause. Communicate openly and honestly with your patient about the observed asymmetry. Reassure them that you're taking steps to address the issue effectively.”

2. Immediate correction

“If you notice the lopsidedness immediately after injection, handle it promptly. You can do this by massaging the filler to redistribute it evenly in the lips. This may help correct minor asymmetries before swelling sets in.”

3. Wait for the swelling to subside

“In cases where asymmetry remains after the swelling subsides, advise your patient to wait a couple of weeks. This allows the filler to settle. During this time the tissues will stabilise. Swelling can mask the true extent of asymmetry, so it's essential to allow adequate time for assessment.”

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Treating lopsided lip filler results: adjusting vs dissolving

Dr Karla recommends that you discuss options for correction with the patient “if the asymmetry persists beyond the initial swelling phase. This may involve administering additional filler to the deficient side to restore balance. Depending on the patient’s goals it could also mean using hyaluronidase to dissolve excess lip filler from the overfilled side.”

Precision injection techniques

“When making adjustments to correct an imbalance, employ precise injection techniques to ensure symmetrical augmentation and natural-looking outcomes. You should consider the patient's desired lip shape and proportions while making adjustments.”

Manage lopsided lip filler results caused by someone else

“Managing lopsided lip filler results caused by another injector requires a delicate approach. As an aesthetics practitioner, you should aim to correct the asymmetry while maintaining patient trust and confidence,” Dr Karla explains.

She observes, “Depending on the nature and severity of the asymmetry, corrective measures may involve one or more strategies, such as:

  • “Adding filler to the deficient side to restore balance and symmetry
  • “Using hyaluronidase to dissolve excess filler from the overfilled side, if applicable
  • “Employing advanced injection techniques to sculpt and contour the lips for natural-looking results.”

Here are Dr Karla’s four steps for managing uneven lip filler results caused by someone else:

Assess your patient’s lips

“Assess your patient's condition and engage in open and empathetic communication to understand their concerns, expectations, and treatment history.”

Establish trust and confidence

“Reassure your patient that their concerns are valid and that you’re committed to helping them achieve the desired outcome. Build trust by demonstrating your expertise, experience, and dedication to providing personalised care.”

Collaborative decision-making

“Collaborate with your patient to develop a customised treatment plan tailored to their needs. Discuss options for correcting the asymmetry, including potential risks, benefits and limitations.”

Professional courtesy

Dr Karla encourages aesthetics practitioners to “maintain a professional and respectful attitude towards the previous injector. Refrain from making disparaging remarks or assigning blame. If appropriate and feasible, consider contacting the previous injector to obtain relevant treatment records or insights that may aid in the correction process.

“By approaching the management of uneven results with sensitivity and expertise, you uphold professional credibility.

“Furthermore, you can help patients achieve balanced and natural-looking lip contours while fostering trust and confidence in their care.

“Open communication, collaborative decision-making, and personalised treatment are essential to successful corrections.”

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General advice when correcting unbalanced lip filler

Dr Karla, a graduate of our Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers course, has two general tips of note.

Schedule follow-up appointments

“Schedule follow-up appointments with the patient to monitor their progress and assess the effectiveness of corrective measures. Be prepared to make further adjustments if needed, to achieve optimal symmetry and patient satisfaction.”

Provide patient support and education

“Provide ongoing support and guidance to the patient throughout the correction process. Educate them about the factors contributing to the asymmetry and the steps taken to address it, emphasise realistic expectations and the importance of patience during the healing process.”

This is the kind of medical aesthetics training and knowledge you can expect from Harley Academy.

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Set the example for aesthetics practitioners

Approaching patients with sensitivity and care is paramount as unwanted aesthetic results can leave patients feeling upset and worried.

Take pride in being a safe, ethical, effective and compassionate injector. Set the example by undertaking aesthetics training courses such asour Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers. This JCCP-approved and Ofqual-regulated Master’s level aesthetic medicine qualification is available as Fast Track and Combined options, too.

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