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Posted 14th Jan 2022

Advanced Masterclasses In Injectables

Advanced Masterclasses In Injectables

As pioneers in aesthetic medicine training, we pride ourselves with continuing to raise the bar. This is why we have introduced our latest education product: Advanced Masterclasses in Injectables.

These intimate, interactive learning opportunities were devised by our founder, Dr Tristan Mehta.

Advanced Tear Trough Masterclass

Introducing Advanced Masterclasses

Dr Tristan developed the original Ofqual-regulated Level 7 qualification in injectables. This set the industry standard for safe, effective aesthetic medicine practice in the UK. Our Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers continues to retain its best-in-class reputation today.

To support our ethos of “always learning”, he has crafted three Advanced Masterclasses in Injectables. These support further postgraduate education and career development in key areas.

• Advanced injectables.

• Complications.

• Tear trough filler.

Advanced Masterclasses – detailed below – offer new ways to learn, gain confidence and expand your skills as an injector. Each Masterclass lasts a full day and spaces for each are strictly limited. By keeping attendee numbers small, we facilitate a convenient, enhanced learning experience. We understand that time is a valuable commodity for practitioners, so this approach allows you to get the most from your investment.

Harley Academy Advanced Masterclasses

“Explore the scope of advanced injectable treatments”

We spoke to Dr Tristan Mehta to learn how these new Advanced Masterclasses came about.

“Initially I wanted to create a new way to help practitioners explore the scope of advanced injectable treatments and techniques in facial aesthetics,” he told us.

“My colleagues and I are often approached by injectors wanting to shadow us to learn from our day-to-day clinical experiences. This led to the development of the Advanced Injectables Shadowing Masterclass.

“I wanted this particular Masterclass to provide interactive, experiential learning that equips attendees with valuable insights from experts. Observing a range of live treatments with a number of different patients and asking questions throughout allows you to focus on the in-depth information and insights being shared. From anatomy and treatment planning to product selection and injection techniques for advanced filler and toxin treatments, including tear troughs, temples, 5ml+ plans, masseter botox and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

“Removing the pressures of hands-on practical injecting allows you to really soak in as much as possible about more advanced aesthetic treatments. It can also really motivate you and improve your confidence – something injectors need to exude to put patients at ease.

“Ongoing training is vital for a safe and successful career in aesthetics and one area that can be neglected is developing our intuition. Whilst we all learn through our own experiences, shadowing seasoned aesthetics specialists exposes you to additional schools of thought and ways of working.”

Dr Tristan Mehta explained how this expanded into the current three-option roster: “The Shadowing Masterclass sold out within hours and the first sessions were so well-received that we devised two further additions. Based on feedback from our students, we developed the Advanced Tear Trough Masterclass – which includes eLearning and practical guided injecting – and the Advanced Complications Management Masterclass.”

“The aim – to have advanced aesthetics specialists share expertise and deliver enriched learning in an intimate setting – remains the same for each Masterclass. We’re excited to be offering this new approach to qualified practitioners looking to expand their practice. This type of expedited learning is targeted towards qualified injectors and provides them with invaluable insights for career development.”

Our new Advanced Masterclasses in Injectables:

Advanced Masterclasses in Injectables

Advanced Injectables Shadowing Masterclass

An opportunity to spend the day shadowing a senior aesthetic medicine specialist, such as Dr Tristan Mehta or our medical director, Dr Emily MacGregor, as they perform advanced injectable treatments.

Areas covered:

• Advanced botox such as gummy smile correction and masseter treatments.

• Upper face filler treatments including temple and forehead filler.

Tear trough fillers and peri-orbital treatments.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty.

• Anatomical, product, treatment planning and injection technique advice for each.

What you can expect from this Masterclass:

• Watch live advanced treatments performed on a number of different patients.

• Learn how your specialist formulates their treatment plans, including for 5ml+ treatments.

• Expert insights and information from treatment planning to injection techniques.

• Develop your intuition and learn how to consult patients with an expert’s eye and instinct.

• Advise on areas you would like to cover during the day.

• Ask questions throughout.

• Small groups to ensure individual attention and an optimised learning environment.

• Explore advanced injectables from an expert’s perspective to enhance your knowledge without committing to hands-on training.


Advanced Tear Trough Masterclass

In our experience, the tear trough is one of the most complex areas of the face to teach and treat – this is why it has its own dedicated Masterclass. Watch and learn how to treat the under eye area from an experienced advanced aesthetics specialist, then treat your own tear trough patent with one-to-one supervised mentorship. This Masterclass lasts a full day with exclusive eLearning training provided for completion ahead of your in-clinic session.

Areas covered:

• Anatomy and facial ageing of the peri-orbital area.

• Patient selection, indications and assessment.

• Treatment planning and product selection.

• Complications prevention and management.

• How to perform tear trough filler – a narrated live demonstration.

• One-to-one mentored injecting experience with your own patient.

What you can expect from this Masterclass:

• Mid-Face eLearning which can be used as a reference tool throughout your career.

• A thorough grounding in peri-orbital anatomical features and ageing concerns.

• Learn what to look for when selecting tear trough patients.

• Expert insights and information on potential complications and their management.

• Observe a live tear trough filler treatment performed by an advanced aesthetics specialist.

• Gain practical experience of treating the tear troughs during a personal, mentored patient treatment.

• Ask questions throughout.

• Small groups to ensure individual attention and an optimised learning environment.

Complications Training Harley Academy

Advanced Complications Management Masterclass

This Masterclass is for you if you want to become a safer injector with increased confidence in preventing and managing complications. In-depth, advanced instruction is delivered to small groups by one of our senior aesthetics specialist trainers. Real-life case studies are used for a true illustration of the types of adverse events you may encounter as a practitioner.

Areas covered:

• Principles and techniques of Botox and dermal filler complications management.

• Brow and lid ptosis (droop).

• Mephisto brows (also known as a “spock”).

• Vascular occlusion.

• Retinal artery occlusion.

• Infection.

• Delayed onset nodules.

• Tyndall effect.

• Product migration.

What you can expect from this Masterclass:

• Understanding of how to prevent and manage the above mentioned complications.

• Distinguish a common reaction from an adverse event.

• Learn the principles of immediate, early and delayed events.

• What to look for when assessing a potential complication.

• Exploration of the anatomical and pathophysiological concepts involved.

• Off-label use of hyaluronidase including reconstitution, intradermal testing, consent and administration.

• Advice on preparing your Emergency Toolkit.

• Ask questions throughout.

• Small groups to ensure individual attention and an optimised learning environment.

Advanced Masterclasses In Injectables

Finding the right Masterclass for you

Advanced Masterclasses in Injectables take place at our flagship state-of-the-art City of London academy.

To be eligible for any of our Masterclasses, attendees must meet various criteria.

• Licensed doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives only.

• Evidence of having successfully completed foundation training in aesthetic medicine with Harley Academy or another recognised provider. 

The following additional requirements apply for those attending our Advanced Tear Trough Masterclass.

• Must be experienced in practising aesthetic medicine.

• Able to use and demonstrate confidence with a cannula.

• Successful completion of eLearning provided as part of this Masterclass prior to in-person learning and practical injecting.

If you’d like to know more about our Masterclass availability, or simply want to talk to someone about finding the right Masterclass for you, book a call with Deneal Basi. Deneal is our head of student recruitment and will be able to talk you through your best options as well as answering any questions you may have.

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