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Posted 16th Jan 2019

5 Reasons Cosmetic Dentists Should Add Facial Aesthetics To Their Services

5 Reasons Cosmetic Dentists Should Add Facial Aesthetics To Their Services

Dentists are uniquely placed to incorporate facial aesthetics into their existing practices. As highly skilled healthcare professionals and independent prescribers, they often find the transition into aesthetic medicine easier – and practice growth more rapid – than other professionals, for five key reasons:

1. Dentists are inherently skilled to provide cosmetic treatments

From day one, dentists have the superb hands-on skills to inject toxins and fillers. Through years of training and practicing interventions in the oral cavity requiring fine motor skills, dentists naturally bring excellent transferable skills that are readily applied to cosmetic injectables. Alongside the skills base advantage, dentists are typically more commercially minded than doctors and nurses, and are positioned to build successful businesses in a growing field. Dentists are more familiar with a private healthcare environment, and confident in treatment planning for high-value cosmetic treatments. They are also prescribers by definition, benefitting from holding a stock of prescription-only medications, and being able to prescribe the necessary drugs to practice safely. Finally, dentists work from the perfect location to carry out cosmetic injectables – a CQC-registered premises with a treatment chair.

2. Patient retention is standard practice

More and more dentists are moving into facial aesthetics because those who provide facial aesthetic services can out-compete their local competition. Patients who have cosmetic injectable treatments return for further treatment multiple times per year, so their dental practitioners are well placed for patient retention and providing lifetime care.

3. Aesthetic treatment expands the options for smile makeovers and treating bruxism

Dentists have unique understanding of the mouth and oral cavity. Dentition affects the external appearance of the lips, and an understanding of bite classification significantly helps when planning filler treatments to balance the facial profile. Patients suffering from bruxism and TMJ symptoms can benefit from toxin treatment to the masseter muscles, allowing dentists to provide effective treatment for frequently presenting dental conditions. Aesthetic treatments also add to the range of options for ‘gummy smile’ through treating the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle with a small dosage of botulinum toxin.


4. Regulation supports dentists in aesthetic medicine

Voluntary, PSA-Accredited registers such as the JCCP and SaveFace allow dentists to enter the register at Level 7, alongside other healthcare professional groups. Dentists are also able to study a Level 7 qualification and future-proof their career in aesthetic medicine through an Ofqual-regulated qualification.

5. Learning about skin broadens practitioner perspective

At Harley Academy we believe dentists shouldn’t just stop at injectables – skin rejuvenation is a growing field in aesthetic medicine where dentists have a natural interest.

Being able to provide a complete range of treatments improves the commercial visibility and viability of a business. These can include, for example, chemical peels, topical skincare and microneedling.

Providing these services also offers better, more personalised care to patients. This is why Harley Academy provides a Cosmetic Dermatology course specifically designed to allow dentists to learn how to treat patients presenting with cosmetic skin concerns. 

We see many dentists are moving into facial aesthetics because it fits perfectly with their existing business. Harley Academy trains hundreds of successful Level 7 and Cosmetic Dermatology graduates from the dental field. If you’d like to learn more, please attend one of our Open Evening events or Foundation Days to see how facial aesthetics can work for you.

Article last fact-checked: 11 January 2023

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