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Posted 5th Dec 2023

10 Tips to Ace Your Level 7 Theory Exam

TOP BOX 10 Tips for How to Pass Your Level 7 Theory Exam Aesthetic Medicine

Looking for advice on passing your Level 7 Theory exam? We’re here to help!

Part of the Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers involves evidencing theoretical knowledge within the scope of aesthetic medicine. Depending on your preferred learning style, this type of assessment can be quite challenging.

Here are some tips to help you approach your Level 7 Theory exam with confidence!

How to Pass Your Level 7 Theory Exam Medical Aesthetics Training Master's Level Qualification Botox Dermal Filler

1. Use your eLearning material and research around it

Your eLearning is built with the examination board’s criteria in mind and is broad in scope. Harley Academy has no direct input or sight of the questions asked. This is why it’s a good idea to use the eLearning to inspire further research. For example, you can view the links within it, or read recent journal articles or textbooks.

The eLearning also features the Level 7 Theory Exam Guide, which explains the questions you may get. Plus, helpful tips on where to focus your revision.

2. Break down study time into manageable chunks

It can be intimidating to begin to study a new subject with lots of components.

Deconstructing the content into smaller chunks can make it easier to digest. If you’re seeing a patient, read up about what may arise, it’s easier to learn with a case-based context.

Discuss your anonymised cases with your fellow trainees in study groups too – this makes it more interactive and fun.

3. Do your essays before your Level 7 Theory exam

This is a great way to familiarise yourself with the material before your theoretical knowledge is tested. You can also summarise your text or other aesthetic medicine learning materials into flashcards. Use colourful paper or a coloured pen and highlighters. These can be a helpful revision aid to jog your memory.

How to Pass Your Level 7 Theory Exam Medical Aesthetics Training Master's Level Qualification Botox Dermal Filler

4. Read the question once, twice and thrice!

The stem structure of the Level 7 Theory exam questions can be a challenge to understand. Make sure you process the question first, before answering it. It seems simple, but it can sometimes trip students up. It’s reassuring to know how much time you have per question so you have time to do this.

5. Be physically prepared

The Theory examination time is quite long. It may be obvious but as a reminder, make sure you use the toilet before you start and limit fluids during it! It’s also a good idea to have a snack ready and ensure your tech is fully charged. Preparation is key here!

6. Use your Level 7 Trainee Handbook

Your Level 7 Trainee Handbook gives great advice on how to manage the Level 7 Theory exam. You can also reach out to Student Support for advice.

7. Don't despair after the test

When you finish, you’re likely to focus on the questions you couldn’t answer rather than the ones you could. A good learning exercise is to write down the points you need to revise. After this you can celebrate completing your exams! The rest can be managed when you get your results, there’s no point worrying before then.

Harley Academy Level 7 Diploma Injectables Trainee Handbook

8. Utilise your mentoring sessions

This is a great time to ask your mentor questions; they’re medical aesthetics professionals, so make the most of their knowledge. They can help you to understand any areas you may be struggling with. Furthermore, they were once in the same position as you and will have some tried and tested tips!

9. Use the resources on Comma

Comma is an online aesthetic medicine network with a dedicated private space for Harley Academy students. It includes an extensive video library featuring real-world examples of medical aesthetics treatments and cases that may help with your revision.

10. Prepare for remote invigilation

As the Level 7 Theory exam is typically sat from home, make sure you have a room to yourself. There shouldn’t be any written materials on the walls or around you.

It's also important that your internet connection can support a video call for several hours without disconnections. Noise disturbances can lead to invigilation concerns, so ask anyone home with you to be quiet and not disturb you.

You won't be able to leave the room during the exam either, so ensure you have blank paper for notes. It’s also a good idea to have water on hand and use the toilet in advance.

Finally, relax! The exam is to test your knowledge to see if you are a safe aesthetics practitioner. If you work hard before, the results will follow!

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Available to doctors, dentists and nurses, it provides in-depth knowledge of aesthetics treatments, from consultation to facial anatomy. It’ll set you up to be a safe, informed and ethical injector with the skills to go it alone or be highly employable.

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