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Posted 31st Mar 2022

Preparing For Your Level 7 Injectables Exam

Preparing For Your Level 7 Injectables Exam

One subject which is regularly discussed as our Level 7 Injectables exam season rolls around is the most effective way to study. How do you fit in studying for your Level 7 when you’re already working full time? What about those of you who have family or other commitments in addition to this?

As any of our Level 7 Injectables graduates will tell you, the final exam is challenging. After all, obtaining your Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers qualification should be challenging!

Do keep in mind that the struggles you are going through now, juggling priorities and trying to fit in studying wherever you can, are temporary. You’re on a path and are working hard to future-proof your career in aesthetics.

Preparing For Your Level 7 Injectables Exam

Advice on revising for your Level 7 exam

To help you prepare for this, we have previously provided advice on revising for your Level 7 exams.

Recently, we followed up by speaking to two faculty members to glean further tips.

Dr Kalpna Pindolia is a practising aesthetics specialist and director of education at Harley Academy; her professional insights are always extremely practical and thoughtful. In addition to her work in medical aesthetics, she recently qualified as a life coach and has been juggling her injecting and educational work with revising for her own exams.

Dr Jess Srivastava runs her own aesthetic practice as well as being a clinical trainer at Harley Academy. She completed her Fast Track Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers a few years ago and is well placed to comment on how she fitted this in around a hectic schedule.

Dr Kal’s Level 7 exam prep advice

1. Block time into your schedule and focus on small chunks rather than the large task. Break it down into manageable sections and reward yourself when you hit goals.

2. Creating a small study group can help the information to go in quicker and more effectively. Even if it’s conducted virtually, it helps to talk about subjects, rather than just read about them.

3. In addition to your eLearning and course notes, the Aesthetic Articles section of our website is packed with expert advice. Read these to further support your learning and development. Links to each article are published on the Harley Academy Instagram account. This means you can easily scroll through and save the relevant posts, ready for refresher read-throughs whenever needed.

4. Our Student Support team is here to help too! Feel free to contact them if you have any queries or need clarification on anything.

5. The pursuit of perfection can lead to procrastination and anxiety when studying. Remember, no one knows everything about aesthetics. As long as you’re learning, you’re getting better at it…

Preparing for your Level 7 Injectables exam

How Dr Jess prepared for her Level 7 exam

How did you manage to fit studying into your busy schedule?

I personally had to block off some clinic time so that I had time to study. I’m the sort of person that finds it hard to dip in and out of work; I prefer to have 3-5 hours at a time! Sometimes I would also do an afternoon of study on a weekend and just take the time out that I needed.

What would you say to people who are struggling to juggle their studies?

It is hard! Sadly all post-grad qualifications do require time and that’s something you have to think about before committing. But blocking out time should help you to create time in a busy schedule. If it’s something you really want to do then you will make time to complete it! Some sacrifices may be needed, such as using holiday days for studying, but remember these are temporary as you’re working towards your goal. Achieving your Level 7 Diploma at the end should make it all worthwhile!

Where do you find a study buddy or study group?

The medical aesthetics networking platform, Comma – particularly the private Harley Academy Comma group for students only – can be a great way to find study buddies. Also making friends on your induction days and starting a study group can also really help. You can meet up again in person or even do it virtually. In addition to bouncing ideas off each other, having a ‘study buddy’ or group can also help to keep you on track. This is great if you find yourself procrastinating or in need of motivation.

Injector Training Level 7 Diploma Exam Revision

Your preparation will pay off!

When it comes to your written Level 7 Injectables exam, we hope you find this information useful and wish you the very best of luck!

Whenever we interview past graduates, they all seem to have similar reflections on just how difficult they found their Level 7 Injectables exam at the time. Many say it was far more rigorous than they’d thought it would be but they still managed to complete it successfully.

They often elaborate, saying that once they started practising, they understood why their exams needed to be of this standard. They appreciated the grounding and confidence the training had given them, as well as the way in which it prepared them for a career in aesthetic medicine, signalling their expertise to both patients and potential employers.

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