Dermaplaning Workshop

A hands-on practical training course that will enable you to safely and effectively introduce dermaplaning to your practice immediately upon completion.


Dermaplaning Workshop

A hands-on practical training course that will enable you to safely and effectively introduce dermaplaning to your practice immediately upon completion.

About this Course

This one day intensive course will cover the essential knowledge and hands-on practice needed to successfully perform dermaplaning treatments. This training is ideal for beauty therapists and all medical professionals.

Dermaplaning is a great treatment to add to your clinic as the necessary consumables cost only a few pounds per patient, making it highly lucrative. Patients enjoy this popular treatment because it is suitable for all skin types and makes any other cosmetic skin treatment more effective.

Important: As a trainee, you will experience the treatment as a patient on the day with another student performing your treatment under close supervision. If you are unsure whether you are suitable for this treatment please let us know before attending this course.

Who Is This Course For

The following professional groups are approved for entry onto this course:

£495.00 (incl. VAT)

Course Description​

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation procedure that uses a surgical scalpel to ‘shave’ the skin’s surface, removing dead skin cells, sebum and vellus hair.
This improves the skin’s appearance and allows greater penetration of skin products and chemical peels.

This one-day course is very hands-on and consists of lectures, a live demonstration and hands-on practice.

/ Skin science. This course will teach you all about the anatomy of the relevant facial skin layers and the mode of action of dermaplaning treatments you will be performing, inspiring trust in your patients and colleagues.

/ Confidence and practice. We will help you become comfortable and confident with the basics of dermaplaning within a few hours. Working in pairs, you will give and receive a complete dermaplaning facial during your training day.

/ Support. Our team of clinical experts offer ongoing support to all of our students even once training is completed.

/ Intense small group teaching. There is a maximum of 4 delegates per course which means you are guaranteed a small group teaching session with your trainers undivided attention throughout the day. You’ll be able to freely ask any questions you may have during the day ensuring you leave confident in your ability to perform dermaplaning treatments.

/ Free starter pack. At the end of the training day you’ll receive a starter pack containing a dermaplaning kit with everything you need to perform your first 10 treatments, charging £50 per treatment, you’ll make back the cost of the course. The contents of the kit include a sharps bin and educational resources.

What Will I Learn

/ How to perform dermaplaning treatments. This course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and tools needed to perform dermaplaning treatments.

/ Be safe. Learn how to approach complications and side-effects including pre and post-treatment care, this is covered comprehensively, allowing you to practice to a high standard.

/ Create treatment combinations. This course will show you how to implement and combine dermaplaning with other skin rejuvenation treatments you offer in your clinic.

/ Business considerations. We will help you to integrate dermaplaning into your aesthetic business and advice on pricing, offers and how to effectively communicate with your potential patients. With the certificate you will receive after this course you’ll be able to get insurance from Salon Gold.


After booking this course you will be granted access to a comprehensive eLearning module. This module must be completed prior to attending the course and will take approximately an hour to complete. You will still have access to this content once you have completed this course for your reference as you practice.

After Completion

Once you have completed this course you will be able to add a range of superficial peels and combinations to your CV and/or private practice.

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