Our Team

Harley Academy is run by a team of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds. Nurturing talented individuals is at the heart of our company, and together we abide by 5 cultural values:

/Ethical /Authentic /Excellence
/Accountable /Growth-Minded

Training Faculty

Executive Chairman & Founder
Dr Emily MacGregor, Clinical Director

Dr Emily Mehta

Medical Director
Kalpna Pindolia, Director of Education

Dr Kalpna Pindolia

Director of Education
Dr Marcus Mehta, Creative Director

Dr Marcus Mehta

Creative Director
Dr Niroshan Sivathasan - International Medical Advisor

Dr Niroshan Sivathasan

International Medical Advisor
Joanna Hackney, Clinical Education Fellow

Dr Joanna Hackney

Clinical Lead
Dr Harriet Harley Academy Clinical Lead Aesthetic Medicine Training Courses

Dr Harriet Jenkins

Clinical Lead
Raquel Amado, Clinical Education Fellow

Dr Raquel Amado

Senior Clinical Trainer
Lorraine Guinan, Clinical Education Fellow

Lorraine Guinan, RGN

Senior Clinical Trainer
Dr Jess Srivastava, clinical trainer at Harley Academy

Dr Jess Srivastava

Senior Clinical Trainer
Natalie Haswell, Clinical Education Fellow

Natalie Haswell, RGN

Senior Clinical Trainer
Tracy Butler, Clinical Trainer

Tracy Butler, RGN

Clinical Trainer
Janine Rothburn, Clinical Trainer

Dr Janine Rothburn

Clinical Trainer
Dr Lindsay Jones - Clinical Trainer at Harley Academy

Dr Lindsay Jones

Clinical Trainer
Dr Jaymi Harley Academy Clinical Trainer Aesthetic Medicine Training Courses

Dr Jaymi Lad

Clinical Trainer
Pratish Dholakia, Clinical

Dr Pratish Dholakia

Clinical Trainer
Dr Mariam Michail, Clinical Trainer

Dr Mariam Michail

Clinical Trainer
Shantel clinical trainer Harley Academy Aesthetic Medicine Training Courses Level 7 Injectablespsd

Shantel Noble, RGN

Clinical Trainer
Dr Carol Clinical Trainer Harley Academy Aesthetics Training Courses

Dr Carol Mastropierro

Clinical Trainer
PAULA harley academy clinical trainer aesthetic medicine training courses

Paula O'Sullivan

Clinical Trainer
Dr Laura 2 Harley Academy The Academy Clinic aesthetics injectables london UK

Dr Laura Geigaite

Clinical Trainer
Dr Stephanie - Clinical Trainer - HARLEY ACADEMY THE ACADEMY CLINIC

Dr Stephanie Damalis

Clinical Trainer
Gosia Liszewska, Cosmetic Dermatology Trainer

Gosia Liszewska

Cosmetic Dermatology Trainer
Maja Swierczynska, Cosmetic Dermatology Trainer

Maja Swierczynska

Cosmetic Dermatology Trainer

Business & Operations

Jon Squire, Managing Director

Jon Squire

Commercial Director
Deneal Basi, Head of Student Recruitment

Deneal Basi

Head of Student Recruitment
Christine Harley Academy Aesthetics Courses Student Recruitment

Christine Slater

Courses Advisor
Mary Cormack, Marketing Manager

Mary Cormack

Head of Growth, The Academy Clinic
Harley Academy | Learn to be Outstanding

Sarah McGiven

Head of Content
Andrea Harley Academy Director of Operations (1)

Andrea Metcalfe

Operations Director
outstanding reception team aesthetics clinic patient care experience customer service advice - Harley Academy

Simona Slezenkovska

Education Manager
Ben Spring, Assessments Manager

Ben Spring

Assessments Manager
Harley Academy | Learn to be Outstanding

Ewa Rubaszewska

Education Administrator
KATIE Harley Academy Education Administrator

Katie O'Brien

Education Administrator

Front of House

Joshua Carr, Clinical Operations Manager

Joshua Carr

Training Operations Manager
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Lydia Vincent

Clinic Manager
Amie Venables, Clinical Operations Associate

Amie Venables

Patient Coordinator
Harley Academy | Learn to be Outstanding

Ellie Holland

Front of House Customer Advisor