Harley Academy Appointed as Allergan’s Preferred Training Provider with Exclusive 1:1 JUVEDERM​® ​VOLUX Course

Harley Academy Appointed as Allergan’s Preferred Training Provider with Exclusive 1:1 JUVEDERM​® ​VOLUX Course
26th July 2019 Shanelle Best
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Harley Academy Appointed as Allergan’s Preferred Training Provider 

Established in 2015, Harley Academy’s main goal is to raise aesthetics training standards and improve patient safety. Using high-quality toxins and fillers are key to achieving this goal.
Allergan® developed the Spark initiative to provide high-quality education to the next generation of aesthetics professionals. The aim of the initiative is to build the skills and confidence of new medical aesthetics professionals, to elevate the quality of medical aesthetic treatment outcomes to patients and to encourage the ethical growth of medical aesthetics careers and businesses.

“At Harley Academy we want to offer the best education possible, so I’m delighted we have partnered with Allergan® to develop innovative training programmes using the market’s leading products. Our first collaboration will be delivering Juvéderm® VOLUX training through a combination of digital theory and hands-on practice.”Dr Tristan Mehta, Founder and CEO, Harley Academy

“Allergan® is committed to supporting healthcare professionals at all stages of their Aesthetics career and by partnering with experienced and highly regarded training providers, we hope to drive improved standards across the industry. We are very proud to work closely with Harley Academy who we believe are real innovators in this area and will allow us to support more clinicians as they look to work in this exciting industry.”Dan Conacher, Director, Allergan Medical Institute & Digital

1:1 Juvéderm® VOLUX training

Harley Academy launches its latest course innovation: 1:1 Juvéderm® VOLUX training.

Harley Academy’s 1:1 appointments will be launched with Allergan®, who have recently released Juvéderm® VOLUX for the lower face.

This format of training is designed to be convenient to the busy professional, whilst flexibly delivering maximal hands-on opportunity and theoretical learning at your own pace.


The 1:1 Allergan® Juvéderm® VOLUX training follows a two-step process:

eLearning​: Interactive content focused on Juvéderm® VOLUX designed to get you ready for the day.
1:1 appointment​: Reserve a one-hour appointment in our training clinics foryou to treat your patient under direct 1:1 supervision.

Why choose Harley Academy for your Juvéderm® VOLUX training?

The focus of 60-minute sessions is to give beginners hands-on experience for a specific area: lower face including chin and jawline.
Extremely hands on to develop maximum confidence with specific Juvéderm® VOLUX product.
Flexible around the practitioner’s diary and learning needs.
The practitioners will be responsible for bringing their own patient for 1:1sessions, as it is vital that they follow them up to gain the most learning.

The Harley Academy 1:1 Juvéderm® VOLUX training is £395 inc. VAT (includes 1ml of VOLUX) – your patient will be charged £100 inc. VAT per additional 1ml filler. Visit our website​ for upcoming course dates or get in touch with one of our courses consultants formore information: +44 (0)203 859 7598 – ​enquiries@harleyacademy.com

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