Do I need a medical degree to take your courses?

Both our Foundation Day and Level 7 courses assume a certain level of prior medical knowledge. As such, they are not suitable for non-medical graduates.

Harley Academy graduates can expect to go straight into top roles in aesthetics clinics or independent private aesthetics practice, so need to ensure that patients can rely on their capacity for clinical oversight, and the safe management of potential complications, as well as the skills that the course has taught them.

The degrees we accept are:

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy

If you are a from any other background and wishing to go in aesthetic medicine, we recommend taking an appropriate undergraduate degree such as nursing in order to future proof your career, and ensure that you can continue to find appropriate cosmetic medical insurance.


I am a dental hygienist/dental nurse/ODP/paramedic/physio with an undergraduate degree, can I take your courses?

Not at present. However, we have plans to extend our training capacity to those with other kinds of healthcare undergraduate degrees, so do check back if you are a dental hygienist, dental therapist, ODP, or paramedic to catch our second tier courses.

How long will it take to complete your level 7 aesthetic training?

The duration of the Level 7 course is essentially up to you, as it depends how much time you can commit to it. It could take you 6-9 months, but longer if you are short on time. You have up to three years in total to complete the course, from enrolment to assessment.


Who can mentor/supervise my practical cases?

Your supervisor must be a registered medical professional with a valid GMC/GDC/NMC number, independent prescribing rights, and 3+ years experience in the relevant aesthetic modality being assessed (i.e. toxins and/or fillers).

Full details: Supervisor Requirements


I have already completed a Foundation Day/Weekend Course elsewhere, do I have to also do yours?

No, although you may if you like. If you choose not to, then you will receive a £375 discount on the cost of your Level 7 postgraduate qualification.


Can I start with the Foundation Day, then decide whether to do the full Level 7 postgraduate qualification later?

Yes, there is no obligation to continue to the L7Cert after attending a Foundation day. However, if you do your Foundation Day with us, then you will receive a significant discount on the cost of your Level 7 postgraduate qualification, if you do decide to upgrade (but no pressure!)

Just come along, learn the procedures, get a sense of the industry and then decide. Plus, our students tend to think the Foundation Day is quite fun!


I have done a weekend course but I do not feel confident to inject my own patients independently. Can you help?

It is a common complaint with weekend courses that practitioners do not feel confident to treat patients afterwards. With some additional studying and mentoring, we can truly get you started in aesthetics.

We provide mentoring in 4 different cities (Manchester, London, Nottingham, Bristol) and we can provide payment options.

If you would like to discuss your career plans then don’t hesitate to call us on 0203 859 7598.


Why should I do your Level 7 course instead of a postgraduate university course?

This is up to you, and depends on what you want out of postgraduate training. Both university courses and accredited Level 7 courses are likely to ensure that you meet Health Education England qualification requirements. However, university courses are generally designed to give you academic research skills, whereas a Level 7 certificate is a professional qualification, and hence focussed on applicable clinical knowledge and practical skills.


Read our Guide to Training in Aesthetics for a thorough comparison of Level 7 qualifications, university courses and weekend courses.


What is involved in your Level 7 training course in Injectables?

You will complete 40 hours of CPD-accredited online learning in:
 – Dermatology
 – Advanced Botulinum Toxins
 – Advanced Dermal Fillers
 – Psychology
 – Ethics, Law and Policy

And you are required to collect a logbook of 20 supervised cases and 20 observed cases. Half must be Toxin, and half Fillers. If you have your own mentor for these treatments, then the logbook can be filled yourself. Alternatively, we can offer mentoring at £300 per day – roughly 4-5 days may be required to reach these competencies.



I am a highly experienced cosmetic practitioner — can I just buy your qualification and then put ‘L7Cert’ after my name?

If you pass our assessment and submit a portfolio, then there are no other time constraints on achieving our L7Cert.

Through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL Policy) we can make special allowances for practitioners with over three years of experience.


Who does your training and/or mentoring?

Currently our training is primarily run by Dr Raul Cetto and Dr Vikram Swaminathan, who also act as Harley Academy mentors along with an array of other expert cosmetic physicians listed here: http://harleytrainingclinics.com/partners/


Can Nurses, Midwives and Pharmacists practice aesthetic medicine under the new HEE guidelines?

Yes – These professional groups can practice medical aesthetics, however they require a prescriber to provide oversight.

If you are an independent nurse/midwife/pharmacist prescriber, your are free to work as an independent cosmetic practitioner.