COVID-19 Policy & Safety Precautions

At Harley Academy, we are dedicated to minimising risk to our students, patients, clinical faculty and staff. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this remains at the heart of our business.

Risk stratification and recommendations, including the number of persons involved, types of procedures being conducted, personal protective equipment and social distancing concerns inform our decisions.

We have implemented risk assessments for all students, patients, clinical faculty and staff.

This is for your own safety and the safety of others. For more information on our safety provision for patients, please refer to The Academy Clinic. However, please be aware that our rule for all patients having any type of COVID vaccine is that they can be treated with filler either four weeks before the first dose, or four weeks after the second dose.

By booking a training session, you are accepting the risk of potential COVID-19 transmission.

We will unfortunately be unable to provide training for students who, within 14 days of the session date:

  • Are symptomatic of COVID-19 (febrile, cough or loss of taste or smell), or
  • Have had contact, or live with, anyone who is symptomatic or is a confirmed case, or
  • Those who work in the NHS on COVID-19 positive wards, or
  • Are aged over 70 years or have relevant co-morbidity (like uncontrolled diabetes or cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, immunodeficiency or cancer under active treatment), or
  • Are pregnant.

We expect you to inform us should any of these apply to you after securing a booking as soon as possible.

At the session, students will be expected to:

    1. Wear clothes that are smart, clean and practical.
    2. Not wear hanging jewellery.
    3. Be bare below the elbows (allowing for a wedding ring only).
    4. Have hair off the face and tied up.
    5. Have no false nails and keep short nails.
    6. Not wear wrist watches.

Measures in place at the Academy are mandatory.

Access to hygiene measures and appropriate personal protective equipment will be provided for you at the session. Please do try and bring your own lunch to sessions.

Please note, due to the current situation, short notice changes may occur, although these will be avoided as much as possible.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding with these re-defined, evolved processes to keep you and others well.