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Careers at Harley Academy

Are you looking for your next job opportunity? We are a rapidly growing company with new opportunities coming up both in our clinics and in our office.

With the constantly changing landscape of aesthetic medicine in the UK, and the ever-growing popularity of tweakments and facial optimisation, this is a great field to get into.

Working at Harley Academy

Behind the scenes at Harley Academy you’ll find a dedicated, diverse and passionate team working tirelessly to ensure our students experience the highest standard of education, our faculty and clinical teams are supported and our patients are safe and happy.

At Harley Academy, we share the same values and ethos, which is to put an end to unregulated aesthetics practice through creating a regulated standard and making aesthetics a safe place for patients.

We are very proud to represent the UK’s largest body of postgraduate aesthetic medicine students and graduates. Along with running their own private practices, some of our students now work with us as clinical trainers and continue to support us in our quest to educate and change the aesthetics landscape.

We have a warm, friendly and supportive clinical team carrying out industry-leading training, and a head office team looking after our students, our patients and our people.

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Foundation Training in Botox & Dermal Fillers

Why work with us?

There is never a dull moment! If you like to be busy, you’re keen to constantly learn and evolve, take the initiative, really push yourself to the next level and be part of a warm and passionate team of experts, then Harley Academy is the place for you. 

We pride ourselves in providing a great place to work with regular social events, a budget for your personal development, a beautiful working environment, and endless opportunities to progress and really make a tangible difference in aesthetic medicine.

Find your next job opportunity

If you see a role that interests you, please apply by clicking on the link in the vacancies.

Can’t find the right role for you? Please do feel free to send us your CV anyway and let us know why you’d like to work with us. We are always happy to hear from people who are keen to join and can keep your details on file to match you to appropriate roles as they become available.

Perks & Benefits

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Our Values


do what’s right

Doing what is right, not what is easy. Since the start, we have been about raising standards, not cutting corners. We show integrity in our actions and this is how we have built a brand capable of bringing meaningful change. We are honest and true to our values. This is evident in the decisions we make every day: who we train (and who we don’t), what we expect of our students and how we treat each other.


do it well

Not just wanting to get the job done, but wanting to do a great job. We are here to change our industry for the better and set the standard for how things are done. This means we always strive for excellence in our work, to be the best at what we do. We are honest in recognising where we fall short and striving to do better.


play your part

Playing your part in the team to the best of your ability. Never looking to shift work to others, but wanting to step-up yourself and do what you can. Happy to be measured by your results and able to recognise mistakes so we can all learn from them. This is saying “I’ve got this!” and also acknowledging when “I could have done that better”. This is when you dig-in and persevere to get the job done; seeing things through, ensuring things keep going even when facing challenges

Growth minded

strive to be better

Constantly striving to learn new knowledge and skills. The world is changing all around us. Only by changing with it can we ensure we remain relevant and effective. As a growing company with education at our core, we should all be habitually learning. This is never getting complacent and challenging ourselves to use our potential.