Awarding Organisation Update

A message to our Level 7 trainees and graduates

The past few months have given us time to focus on the completion of long-planned adjustments to the administration of our Level 7.

As you may know, the Harley Academy Level 7 in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine is accredited by an Awarding Organisation (AO), as is standard for all official qualifications in the UK. An AO defines the examination materials for a course, moderates our marking decisions, and issues the final certificate of completion.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear, flexibility is the most important aspect of the training we offer.

As such and in the spirit of maintaining our best-in-class standards, we are moving ahead with a planned transfer of AO.

Harley Academy clinic

Transfer to a new AO

For the past two years, we have been in discussions with a specialist vocational AO about adjusting the Level 7 specification to allow for more flexibility in assessment, graduation, and administration. More varied examinations and less rigid timetables for receiving your certificates were two of our primary goals in these discussions, as well as loosening some of the administrative red tape around the exact photo requirements and format of your mentoring logbooks.

The new Level 7 is in the final stages of Ofqual approval. The JCCP is also in the process of approving the new Level 7, meaning holders will be eligible for admission onto the practitioner register for injectables. It is expected that the qualification will be formally open to our students when we resume clinical training in July 2020.

We feel that now is the best time to move this project forwards.

What This Means For You

Any new students registering for the Harley Academy Level 7 from this point will be registered with the new AO.

Existing students who have not started their written examinations will have the opportunity to transition awarding organisations.

If you are a Level 7 student with Harley Academy who completed mentoring before May 2020, this change will not affect the nature of your course. Our original AO, SFJ Awards, will continue to offer their usual services, and you will have until May 2022 to complete your examinations and graduate.

This change will not affect our unique training in any way. The eLearning suite we offer you will remain the same, as will the teaching experience on all of our in-person training events such as our Foundation Days and 1:1 mentoring. In line with current government advice, we are planning to resume clinical training on the 4th July.

A message from the JCCP

Professor Sines, Chair of the JCCP, has confirmed that those students who are currently registered on the previous IQ-approved Level 7 Qualification will, subject to the successful completion of their course, be eligible to apply for membership of the JCCP.

The JCCP confirms that Harley Academy continues to be recognised by the Council as an approved education provider.

Professor Sines also advised that the JCCP is currently working with another Ofqual-regulated awarding body, with the aim of approving a Level 7 qualification for deployment by Harley Academy for the continuation of its education business.