What is a Lip Flip and How Do You Peform This Treatment?

The Lip Flip is one of a number of injectable lip treatments that has become ‘trendy’ in the past few years. But what is a Lip Flip? And is it worthwhile?

We spoke to aesthetics specialist and clinical trainer, Dr Mariam Michail who explained all…

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What is a Lip Flip and who is it suitable for?

A Lip Flip procedure refers to the use of botulinum toxin type A to relax the muscle above the upper lip (orbicularis oris). Neuromodulation here allows the lip to relax and “flip outwards”, thus allowing the upper lip to appear fuller without the use of dermal filler. 

What’s the difference between a Lip Flip and lip filler?

The difference in outcome is that the Lip Flip increases the amount of top lip that is visible whilst lip filler increases volume. Lip Flips involve the use of botulinum toxin type A in the muscle. This essentially increases the amount of top lip on show. However, lip fillers generally use hylauronic acid gels to improve lip volume, enhance lip shape and provide hydration to the lips.

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How do you perform a Lip Flip?

Generally, four injection points of 1 unit each, are used. The injections are superficial, above the vermillion border of the upper lip, in the white lip. Four evenly spaced injection points along the lip are required. As with all botulinum toxin treatments, treatment results can be reviewed at 2-4 weeks and adjusted accordingly. 

The Lip Flip can be quite a controversial technique among injectors. What is your personal opinion on this treatment? 

Lip flip procedures work well when used for the correct patient. It’s a good option for patients who have lips that “curl inwards” when smiling and wish to have a slight increase in lip volume, without the use of dermal filler. 

However, it’s important that reasonable expectations are set. Treatments with toxin generally don’t last as long as filler treatments. Lip Flip results last around 8-12 weeks which is less than fillers so patients must be made aware of this. For more noticable changes in lip shape and volume, lip filler remains their best option. 

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Learning how to perform a Lip Flip

For anyone wishing to learn how to perform a Lip Flip, we have a couple of options.

Lip Flip treatments can be covered on request in our 1:1 Training in Perioral and Lips. This one-to-one mentoring involves you treating your own patient under the guidance of an experienced trainer. You can ask them as many questions as you like during the session and learn from their vast experience. 

We find people like to book multiple sessions with a range of mentors so they can take in a broad base of opinions and techniques. 

Our various 1:1 Injectables Mentoring options are open to licensed aesthetic practitioners who are also doctors, dentists, nurses or midwives. You do not have to have trained with Harley Academy previously to book this mentoring.

Additionally, students taking the Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers can ask their mentors to demonstrate the Lip Flip technique. However, it is not formally covered as part of the curriculum, nor does it form part of your qualification.