Restylane Defyne FDA Approved for Chin Augmentation

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Non-surgical chin augmentation is an increasingly popular part of the modern aesthetics practice. They typically involve hyaluronic acid fillers, of which only two currently have FDA approval for this specific purpose.

FDA approved chin fillers

The first chin filler to receive FDA approval was Juvederm Voluma XC, in June 2020. This hyaluronic acid gel formula, which includes the numbing agent lidocaine, is part of the Allergan portfolio of aesthetic medicine products. 

Now the FDA has also approved Restylane Defyne for the “augmentation and correction of mild to moderate chin retrusion for adults over the age of 21”. This use as a lower-face sculpting treatment was awarded to the Galderma-owned brand in February 2021.

Both Juvederm Voluma XC and Restylane Defyne were previously authorised by the FDA for separate purposes: Voluma as a cheek filler (2013) and Defyne for addressing moderate to severe deep facial wrinkles, particularly targeting naso-labial folds and marionette lines (2016). 

Restylane claims Defyne is the first chin filler to show results for male and female patients, all skin types and patients over 52 years of age.

Aesthetics practitioners consulted by Allure magazine note the key difference between these two chin fillers is actually the length of time they last. They state that Restylane Defyne can last for approximately one year, whilst Juvederm Voluma XC can last up to two years.

“It’s great to see products being specifically approved for the lower face. Since 2019 lower face filler treatments, particularly for the jawline, have soared in popularity. The ideal product characteristics for treating this area can be quite different to other facial areas, for example the lips,” notes Dr Emily MacGregor, medical director at Harley Academy. 

“Allergan actually launched a product in 2019 that is specifically indicated – but not yet FDA approved – for the chin and jawline, called Juvederm VOLUX. The FDA approval process can take a long time but if and when VOLUX is approved for the lower face it would, practically speaking, replace Voluma for this area.”

About non-surgical chin augmentation 

Chin fillers are reportedly especially popular among Black patients, as well as with men looking to add definition to their jawlines. They are useful for correcting a weak chin, providing patients with a streamlined jaw and for improving facial symmetry.

The drop in popularity of surgical chin implants has been attributed to the success of the non-surgical alternative. Using injectables for chin augmentation offer precise results with little to no downtime. Chin fillers can last anywhere from approximately six months to two years and are reversible.

Whilst maintenance may make it a more expensive option, compared to the invasive surgery and six weeks of bruising associated with chin implants, it’s easy to see why patients are making the switch. This tweakment is also a convenient way for patients to explore the type of chin projection they want, before deciding whether to commit to more permanent chin implants. 

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How to administer chin fillers

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