Lip Filler Advice for New Aesthetics Practitioners

Lip filler advice is one of the most popular topics in our aesthetic medicine courses. This is unsurprising given how complex this popular treatment can be.

When it comes to lip filler training at Harley Academy, we have a range of options based on your skill level – more on this later. One of the most useful aspects each of these provides, according to our trainees, is gaining insights from our expert trainers.

We frequently interview our faculty members in order to obtain their advice on different subjects and so we can share their experience with you.

Here we have compiled some of our most helpful articles providing lip filler advice for new aesthetics practitioners.

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Overcoming Common Lip Filler Issues

This article features some of the most common issues and mistakes new aesthetics practitioners make when learning how to administer lip fillers. Clinical trainer, Dr Carol Mastropierro flags these potential pitfalls and shares her insights for avoiding them. 

How to Prevent Bruising from Lip Filler

Cosmetic nurse prescriber and Harley Trained Level 7 graduate, Shantel Noble explains how to prevent bruising from lip filler. Learn expert tips and tricks from our clinical trainer by clicking on the button below.

Lip Filler Techniques for Mature Patients

Cosmetic nurse injector, Level 7 graduate and clinical trainer, Paula O’Sullivan guides you through the basic lip filler techniques for mature patients. Learn the additional considerations you need to know about.

Lip filler techniques for mature patients - treating older lips - Harley Academy lip filler training courses aesthetics injectables UK Level 7

Lip Filler Advice for Thin Lips

Learn the specifics of assessing and treating patients with thin lips with the help of cosmetic doctor and clinical trainer, Dr Jess Srivastava. Fast Track Level 7 Diploma graduate, Dr Jess explains what new aesthetics practitioners should understand to treat this cohort of lip filler patients.

Racial Considerations for Lip Filler Proportions

Often injectors are predominantly, or only taught about Caucasian proportions for lip filler. Here, cosmetic doctor, clinic owner and clinical trainer, Dr Jaymi Lad gives you a full run through of how to properly assess and treat patients of all races in order to produce natural-looking results for every patient.

Dermal Filler Migration and Prevention

Filler migration is a common concern, especially when it comes to the lips. Read expert advice from dental surgeon, facial aesthetics specialist and clinical trainer, Dr Janine Rothburn on preventing and managing filler migration.

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Dissolving Lip Filler Using Hyaluronidase

A number of our senior faculty members discuss dissolving lip filler and using Hyalase. Pick up tips from their experienced insights via the link below. 

Viral Full Face Dermal Fillers Demonstration

Watch a narrated Full Face Fillers treatment demonstration, including a lip augmentation, by Harley Academy founder and aesthetics expert, Dr Tristan Mehta.

Lip Filler Vascular Occlusion Case Study

Learn about managing vascular occlusion from lip filler in this case study. Watch a video of a patient treated by our medical director, Dr Emily Mehta, and test your knowledge with a pop quiz!

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How to Treat the Cupid’s Bow

Clinical trainer and cosmetic nurse, Paula O’Sullivan details how to treat the Cupid’s bow – a popular lip filler topic among our Level 7 students!

Should I Use a Block for Lip Filler?

Whether you call it a block, a dental block or a nerve block, what most aesthetics trainees really want to know is should they use one?? Here our director of education, Dr Kalpna Pindolia explains everything you need to know to make your decision…

How to Prevent Lumps from Lip Filler

Aesthetics specialists from the Harley Academy faculty give us their tips and insights on preventing lumps when treating the lips.

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Lip filler training at Harley Academy

We offer a number of lip filler training options to doctors, dentists and nurses, including midwives.

These range from entry level options for beginners, to our more advanced, Master’s level Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers

We also have one-on-one aesthetics mentoring sessions specifically focused on treating the lips: 1:1 Training in Perioral and Lip Filler.

If you’re interested in learning how to perform safe, effective lip fillers with natural-looking results, book a call with our courses advisor, Christine Slater. Christine will listen to your requirements and offer personalised recommendations to help you find your best injectables training course options.

Did we miss any of your specific lip filler concerns? Let us know by leaving a comment on the Harley Academy Instagram account and we’ll have our experts advise you!