Dentist Dr Raquel Amado on Growing her Aesthetics Practice

Dr Raquel Amado, Dentist & Clinical Trainer

Dr Raquel Amado, dentist, tells us about her experience learning to practice safe aesthetics procedures through Harley Academy’s Level 7 qualification.

Why did you choose Harley Academy?

After doing many courses elsewhere, I felt unsafe practising aesthetics, so I started looking for a course that would fulfil my needs. The fact that Harley Academy provided evidence-based training with emphasis on anatomy and safety made me choose them over others.

I started with Harley Academy doing a mid face masterclass with Dr Tristan Mehta, which I loved. When I left Harley Academy on that day, I knew I wanted to do the Level 7 certification.

Why did you choose to complete the Level 7?

When I completed my mid face masterclass, I knew that only if I joined the Level 7 at Harley Academy would I be able to achieve the knowledge and the confidence to perform aesthetics safely and with quality. I wanted to be the best I could, and that could only be achievable with a Level 7 qualification.

How has the Level 7 helped your career and practice?

The opportunity to observe 20 cases, plus the fact that we get to spend time in a real clinic with real patients and mentors is priceless. 

My mentoring sessions, consulting and treating a further 20 cases, gave me the confidence and the push I needed to start treating more challenging cases in my clinic, with great outcomes due to the guidance from the mentors. The theory and practical knowledge that I got made me grow as an aesthetician.

The student support is amazing, and the Harley Academy community group also gives valuable support. Sharing experiences, cases and articles makes you feel less lonely, which in this industry can happen very easily.

What did you enjoy most about studying with us?

I loved the friendly yet professional atmosphere, as well as the support I got along the way from students, mentors and the office team. This makes Harley Academy super special.

The 1-1 sessions are remarkable too because you get the opportunity to interact with different mentors of varying medical backgrounds and learn different tips in each mentoring session. Everyone works slightly differently, so you get the best of all the mentors.

Do you have any advice for aspiring practitioners?

My advice would be know your anatomy, use a holistic approach, be patient and kind, and let your community know you exist. It takes time to grow a business. It doesn’t happen overnight. The best marketing tool is word of mouth, and having the Level 7 will set you apart.

What are your career plans now you have graduated?

My plans are to grow my practice, Skin & Medical Cosmetics, and my set of skills. I love learning, therefore I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a person, an aesthetician and as a business woman. I decided to become a clinical mentor with Harley Academy to provide the same support I once needed – it’s very rewarding and I love doing it.