How to assess the chin and lower face

This brief article has been written by Harley Academy experts to provide advice on assessing the chin and lower face when you see a patient for Medical Aesthetics treatment.

When assessing the chin on the side profile of the lower face, you need to identify the Frankfort Horizontal Plane

This is the line between the highest point on the upper margin of the opening of the external auditory canal and the lower margin of the orbit. This is used to orient the head so that the plane is horizontal. A perpendicular, vertical line is then drawn at the soft tissue nasion. The soft tissue pognion ideally should be 0 +/- 2mm from this line.

Below is an image illustrating the Frankfort Horizontal Plane on a patient. You can learn more about assessing your patient for jawline and chin treatment in a one-to-one mentoring session with a Harley Academy Clinical Trainer, where you will treat your patient with expert guidance from consultation through to advice on follow-up.

How to assess the chin and lower face - the Frankfort Horizontal Plane