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Posted 13th Jul 2022

What Does Holding A Level 7 Diploma In Injectables Say About You?

Find out what holding a Level 7 Diploma in injectables says about you

Holding a Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers signifies so much to both patients and prospective employers.

As the gold standard in UK medical aesthetics training, having a Level 7 automatically communicates a certain level of expertise.

In this latest part of our series marking 7 Years of Level 7, we explore what it means within the industry and to patients, to have obtained this widely-respected qualification.

The Academy Clinic Outstanding Reception


If you have been awarded a Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers this shows you have been trained to:

  • Put patient safety and ethics at the heart of your practice
  • Understand and consider facial anatomy, ageing, skin ageing and proportions as they relate to injectables
  • Conduct thorough patient consultations and facial assessments as well as providing all necessary aftercare advice
  • Know when a potential patient is not suitable for treatment and understand the importance of not performing treatment in certain circumstances
  • Perform safe and effective injectable treatments to a high standard in order to achieve natural-looking, balanced and reproducible results
  • Determine the most efficient product for each injectable treatment and how to use these.
  • Prevent complications, minimise risk and manage any issues that do arise
  • Work in a practical, real-world clinical environment as well as learning the relevant theoretical concepts involved in aesthetic medicine.

In order to successfully earn your Diploma, there is a lot for you to learn and demonstrate through your practical and written exams. They don’t call it “earning” a Diploma for nothing!

Being a Non-Prescribing Nurse


Whilst this is a difficult question to answer without conducting specific research, there are a number of truths we find ring true time and again…

  • Patients are becoming increasingly well-informed; as such many are now seeking aesthetics practitioners who are properly trained and qualified healthcare professionals
  • Popular UK-based beauty forums regularly feature questions from potential patients asking what to look for when choosing an injector and what qualifications they should ask to see
  • Given the choice between an injector who is a healthcare professional and one who is not, where price is not the sole motivating factor, anecdotal evidence supports patients choosing the medical aesthetics practitioner
  • Some patients do actively search for Level 7 qualified injectors, often due to concerns over their safety
  • As UK aesthetics regulations are introduced and patients start to be made more aware of the qualifications to look for in their aesthetics practitioners – through advertising campaigns and media coverage, for example – the greater this demand is likely to be.

7 Years of Level 7: Dr Tristan Mehta on creating the Level 7 in injectables & what holding a Level 7 Diploma means in aesthetics


“I’m very pleased to hear really good stories about how their qualification has enabled them to get jobs in clinics, to help them separate their brand from competitors, for example,” recounts Dr Tristan.

“I think that, as a prospective employer looking for an injector to join their clinic, someone who has a qualification in injectables immediately gives the assurance that someone has a standard of safety and understanding of aesthetics. They haven’t just done a basic one day course, for example,” he adds.

A key aspect of the Level 7 Diploma is the number of cases it requires you to complete. Dr Tristan explains, “Part of the criteria for our Level 7 is that you have to have seen at least 40 patients. That is really a solid foundation to then build on. And you know that if you’re employing someone with a Level 7, they’ve got those fundamentals – they’ve had one-to-one training.”

He concludes, “I think having a Level 7 sets you apart, I think it prepares you for future regulatory changes and, like I say, I hear really good stories from our graduates who have achieved the qualification and then gone on to have very successful careers.”

Aesthetic Medicine Training


As creators of the Level 7 in injectables, our focus is on providing you with an unparalleled, holistic Level 7 Diploma experience. Training that upholds our long-established standards and echoes real-life practice to truly prepare you to work in aesthetic medicine. This applies whether you are looking to join an existing clinic or business, or intend to work for yourself.

As practitioners and recruiters ourselves, we know what we look for in injectors at all levels. We use this knowledge, as well as our wealth of industry and clinical experience, plus the latest medical and regulatory guidance, to tailor our educational pathways. This allows us to cover both the ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ bases most aesthetics clinics look for when assessing candidates’ employability.

Our agile approach to hands-on aesthetics training and one-to-one mentoring is our trainees’ favourite aspect of the Level 7 (93% according to a 2022 graduate survey). Partly because we know you come to us mostly to learn how to inject, but also because this time with experienced mentors rapidly accelerates your learning.

Obviously this applies to the practical acts of treating patients, but also includes gleaning as many insights as possible from your mentors. These one-to-one experiences are an invaluable resource to trainees of every level as, in aesthetic medicine, there is always something we can learn!

To find out more about our Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers, including our cosmetic dermatology combined option and our popular Fast Track Level 7 Diploma, book a call with our courses advisor, Christine Slater.

She can direct you to your best option for becoming a confident and skillful injector, who strives for aesthetic excellence and wants to be an aesthetics specialist – not a technician.

All information correct at the time of publication.

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