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Posted 22nd Nov 2021

Should Injectors Keep Up With Aesthetics Trends?

Should Injectors Keep Up With Aesthetics Trends?

Trends come and go but your face is forever! With this in mind, should injectors keep up with aesthetics trends?

We asked a number of experienced aesthetic medicine professionals for their thoughts on being able to perform the latest injectable treatments…

Dr Emily MacGregor Injectors Keeping Up With Injectables Trends

“No one wants a face that has just gone out of fashion”

Dr Emily MacGregor, medical director at Harley Academy, co-founder of STORY clinics and aesthetics specialist at STORY Marylebone.

I don’t believe in following trends in aesthetic medicine and certainly don’t advise students to. It’s beneficial to be aware of the latest trends so you can have effective discussions with patients during their consultations, with a better understanding of the looks they are trying to achieve. This doesn’t mean you have to offer these treatments, however. The classic treatments and techniques learned during the Level 7 Diploma can achieve such a variety of outcomes that, if tailored properly to your patients’ needs, should be able to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results that meet their goals. If the outcome a patient is looking for is very “trendy”, explain your reluctance and why you do not offer this treatment option. At the end of the day, no one wants a face that has just gone out of fashion and you may need to explain this, gently.

“Keep up, knowledge wise, so you can answer patient questions”

Dr Kalpna Pindolia, director of education at Harley Academy and aesthetics specialist at STORY Marylebone.

Once you’ve progressed with knowledge and competence wise with baseline treatments, it is good to keep up, at least, knowledge wise, with aesthetic treatment trends so that you can answer patient questions competently. But always assess trends with caution, go back to the anatomy, product and technique used in order to make a balanced judgement on whether a trend is worth it. Discuss it with your colleagues on Comma too – they can bring another perspective, too.

Refusing treatment patient consultation

“It’s important to research and practice safe techniques”

Lorraine Guinnan, RGN, senior clinical trainer at Harley Academy and owner of Imagination Aesthetics.

I certainly do not think that practitioners should feel pressured into learning about and performing all of the latest aesthetic treatment trends. As a medical practitioner, it’s important to research and practice safe techniques, minimising any risk of complications. Even if a patient requests a certain type of treatment, it is okay to tell them the reasons why you feel this would not benefit them or why you do not perform such treatments.

“No. What injectors need to learn is…”

Natalie Haswell, RGN, senior clinical trainer at Harley Academy, Allergan Medical Institute faculty member and owner of Haswell Aesthetics, Colchester.

No, they are just trends. Rather than aesthetics trends, what injectors need to learn is the injection techniques, layers, depth, correct product and tool. Choice for administration. This increases patient safety, reduces side effects/complications such as filler migration and increases desired outcomes. Education of the ageing face and the difference between restoration/rejuvenation and beautification are what’s more important for balanced, natural results.

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