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Posted 8th Feb 2022

Racial Considerations For Lip Filler Proportions

Racial Considerations For Lip Filler Proportions

Lip filler training should always educate students about proportion. However, in the UK, aesthetics courses often only teach lip filler based on Caucasian proportions.

In order to be a true aesthetics specialist you must be able to treat people of all races, genders and ages. Therefore, it’s critical you learn how to approach patients from all backgrounds.

Racial Considerations For Lip Filler Proportions

You should always treat every client as an individual, with their own aesthetic. There is always a balance to be achieved between patient goals and your aesthetic eye. But, in our multiracial society, there are certainly traditional considerations linked to our ethnicities that we, as injectors, should be mindful of. These are especially pertinent for lip augmentations.

We spoke to Dr Jaymi Lad, a Manchester-based aesthetics specialist, co-owner of Javivo Clinic and clinical trainer at Harley Academy, about this.

Here she explains crucial traditional racial aesthetic considerations all injectors must understand to achieve beautiful lip filler results.

Racial considerations for lip filler treatments

“Lip ratios and shape vary between patients of different ethnicities, so it’s important to have an awareness of this when treating,” notes Dr Jaymi. “There is huge variation within each ethnic group too, so your consultation and examination skills are key”. 

Studies have noted more variation in lip shape between females of different ethnicities, than males. Male lips were found to be more similar across ethnic groups,” she advises. 

“Students should remember there is a variation in shape, proportion and size of lips between ethnicities. Steer away from promoting beautification trends and consider your own stereotypes; Look closely at your patients’ own anatomy to help you decide on your treatment goals.”

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Adjusting your approach based on the patient’s ethnicity

When devising your treatment plan for proportionate, natural-looking lip filler, Dr Jaymi advises on the following considerations…

For patients with typically Caucasian features

“Generally, Caucasian lips are 1/3 upper lip to 2/3 bottom lip ratio and often thinner than other ethnicities. Caucasian lips can have smaller upper lip height. This is the lip shape we are readily taught about in practice.”

For patients with typically Black features…

“Black patients’ lip volume generally presents as more of a 1:1 ratio. They can have more lateral volume.”

For patients with typically Asian features…

“It’s important to note there are lots of variations between Asian patients, but generally Asian lips can have more volume than Caucasian patients. They may have a slightly thicker lower lip.”

For mixed race patients…

“Keep to the natural proportions of your patient. Use your examination skills and best judgement to provide a treatment that is appropriate for them.”

Lip filler training in aesthetic medicine

Lip filler training courses for healthcare professionals

If you’re just starting out in aesthetic medicine and want a beginner-level entry to lip filler training, or if you’re an experienced injector looking to perfect your technique, we have options to suit.

From the industry-leading Level 7 Diploma in Botox & Dermal Fillers – a widely respected Master’s level qualification, originally devised by our founder – to one-to-one lip filler mentoring sessions with real patients. We offer in-depth learning spanning anatomy, facial ageing, treatment planning and product selection, as well as hands-on injecting practice guided by real experts. 

To find out more, visit the Injectables Training section of our website, or book in a call with Deneal Basi, our head of student recruitment. He’ll be able to discuss the best aesthetic medicine courses for you, based on your experience, availability and budget. Whatever you’re looking for, as long as you’re a licensed doctor, dentist, nurse or midwife, we can set you on the path to aesthetic excellence as an informed, confident and safe injector.

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