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Posted 20th Nov 2020

Online Aesthetics Courses Available During Lockdown

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Why not use what’s left of lockdown to enhance your career in aesthetic medicine or cosmetic dermatology? A number of online aesthetics courses are available as part of our eLearning offering.

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Ranging from injectables courses to managing your aesthetics business, we have a range of worthwhile educational options for medical professionals. These can all be booked online.

Whilst online learning does not negate the need for additional in-person tuition, it does give you a head start. Once you have completed your eLearning courses, you are then ready to join us at our London training clinic for personal mentoring and confidence-building, in-person practice sessions.

This way, you can use your lockdown time productively to learn a new skill ready to expand your practice’s offering for that post-lockdown “Zoom Boom”. It also offers a chance for the more experienced among you to refresh your knowledge and ensure you remain up-to-date on the latest techniques.

So which courses are available via eLearning? Let’s take a look…

Preventing and Managing Dermal Filler Complications eLearning

One of the major concerns injectors often have is causing complications from dermal fillers. This online course will teach you how to prevent dermal filler complications and successfully manage them if they do arise.

  • It encourages aesthetic practitioners to expand their knowledge through three comprehensive modules. These cover: anatomy and pathophysiological concepts
  • recognising side effects vs complications
  • managing critical and non-critical situations
  • understanding and recognising the spectrum of possible complications
  • the latest management guidance.

Important protocol information is also included for you to download and use in-clinic.

These thorough case study-led sessions will explore how to identify problems, provide solutions and, in the first instance, learn preventative techniques to minimise the risk of complications from fillers. Becoming fluent in these key elements is hugely important for building your confidence as an injector.

Business Marketing for Aesthetic Medicine eLearning

You’re qualified and great at what you do, but how do you let everyone know? This online marketing course has been designed specifically for aesthetics professionals. It explains how to build your client base and create customer loyalty so your patients stay yours.

Lockdown is a great time to focus on marketing your aesthetics practice and adopting new business strategies. Our experts guide you through the fundamentals that can help your business succeed.

You’ll learn about the importance of competitor insights and standing out from the crowd. We’ll ensure you identify your own unique selling points and develop the key messaging needed to attract new clients.

This is a great standalone course for anyone wanting to get the most from their business. Its five modules are rewarding for newcomers and established practitioners alike. The course materials also provide handy reference materials that will serve you for years to come.

Foundation Training eLearning

As the name suggests, this course provides a comprehensive foundation in aesthetic medicine for doctors, dentists and nurses. It is a must for anyone considering a career move into the industry. Allowing you to get a thorough understanding of what exactly is involved in becoming an injector, this is a great option for anyone who wants in-depth theoretical information before committing to a full course.

  • With access to six hours of insights and best practice advice for aesthetic practitioners, this popular course covers everything you need to know when considering a transition into aesthetics. Key areas covered include: taking a skin-first approach to aesthetics
  • the fundamentals of facial anatomy
  • the science of botulinum toxin (botox) and dermal fillers
  • in-depth video tutorials for filler treatments
  • how to inject three key areas of the face with botox
  • industry regulations.

Equally, it is a valuable resource for existing practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge of injectable treatments, as it includes lifetime access.

Level 7 eLearning Suite

This eLearning suite brings high-quality aesthetics education into your home. It provides a full grounding for those who want to progress to a full Level 7 Diploma – Harley Academy’s gold standard aesthetic medicine training qualification. It is also an excellent standalone resource for medical professionals wanting reliable reference guides on the science and techniques needed to practice aesthetic medicine safely.

  • Level 7 eLearning comprises five separate modules which you can learn at your own speed. These are: the science of dermatology and skin ageing
  • anatomy, techniques and complications associated with soft tissue fillers
  • the principles of psychology, including providing patient support
  • the laws and ethics of that directly impact aesthetic medicine
  • in-depth study of botulinum toxins.

Cosmetic Dermatology eLearning Suite

Build your knowledge and confidence in skin before committing to a full cosmetic dermatology course. Medical professionals will gain lifetime access to many hours of insights.

Aimed at making you a safer, more confident aesthetic practitioner, this provides a thorough, scientific grounding in Harley Academy’s “skin first” ethos.

It explores the principles of skin anatomy and physiology, as well as topical skin therapy. It then covers the theory of microneedling treatments, superficial to medium chemical peels and injectables. Finally, it will provide intelligent treatment combinations for skin rejuvenation, leading to a well-rounded practical knowledge of cosmetic dermatology.

You will also find information on practice management and running your own aesthetics practice. This includes a run down of the relevant laws, regulations and ethics.

Upon successful completion of this online cosmetic dermatology training you may wish to take your learning to the next level. Should you wish to upskill, this eLearning pre-course gives the background you need to progress to your full Cosmetic Dermatology professional certification.

You can invest in your aesthetics career from the comfort of your sofa as each of these courses can be tailored to your schedule. They are self-paced so can be picked up at any time, plus you can also test your knowledge at the end of every module.

If you’d like to discuss which of these courses would be best for you, simply schedule a call with Deneal Basi, Head of Student Recruitment, or drop us an email. He’ll be happy to help you find out more about becoming #HarleyTrained.

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