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My Journey To Becoming An Aesthetics Practitioner

Wondering how you can become an aesthetics practitioner? Dr Nishel Patel tell us all about how he became one in this post.

Taking the fast track to becoming aesthetics practitioner

I’ve been on the fast track for all my professional life. Having become senior partner at a well-respected practice at just 34, and having spent many years in general practice, I knew it was time to diversify my skills and make greater use of my abilities; both practical and in consultations. Aesthetics was a natural progression for me – I was already performing minor surgery and I relished the doctor/patient rapport that brought into my life.

I enrolled with Harley Academy in its infancy and quickly completed the Foundation and mentorship training. Level 7 turned out to be a tough but essential qualification and I learned a great deal from the post-graduate curriculum. One thing that truly impressed me was the combination of professional thoroughness and personal approachability that HA brings to every level of training. I found this even more impressive given the youth of the organisation.


Moving from student to teacher with Harley Academy

My colleagues clearly recognised my enthusiasm and skill levels – they rapidly enabled my transition from student to teacher and mentor and I was on the fast track again! This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of working with HA; the job satisfaction that comes from teaching and developing skills and networking with allied health professionals is immeasurable.

The business side of aesthetics was relatively easy when it came to financial models and planning, however, marketing is completely new to me and to be honest I’m still learning! What I have done is focused on where I need professionals to help me, eg website design and I’ve made the commitment to make the necessary investments to support my aesthetics venture financially as well as professionally.

“My biggest challenge is travelling the fine line between serving as dedicated NHS healthcare professional and also a private practice in the same area.”

HA has helped me maintain a strong ethical framework and make a clear distinction when conflicts of interest arise. Unfortunately some colleagues do not see it this way – basing their opinion on what they see on websites and social media without truly understanding the ethical base from which I practice. This is can lead to disputes based on ignorance, and sometimes jealousy! However it’s part of my role to inform and educate those who, for example, view botox and fillers negatively, yet would be more than happy if instead opened a private practice taking out skin lumps and bumps and giving acupuncture. I enjoy the idea of showing others in the industry how a very medical approach to an aesthetic brand can work in the long run. Educating about medically led aesthetics may not be the fast track, but given time and a proper cohort of highly skilled professionals, we’ll create an environment where aesthetics takes it proper place amongst other medical specialisms.

About the Author

Dr Nishel Patel is an experienced physician and the owner of Skinesse, a Cosmetic and Private medical clinic.

Having qualified in 2000 from University College London, he became the Senior Partner at a well respected large medical practice in South Buckinghamshire, at the age of 34. He was one of the first clinicians to obtain his Level 7 qualification in Injectables. His relaxed manner, artistic eye for beauty and subtle rejuvenation are the characteristics of his work.