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Meet Level 7 Student-Turned-Harley Academy Trainer, Natalie Haswell

Medical professionals considering making the switch to aesthetic medicine will want to tune in to The Aesthetics Show on 8 December. Our special guest will be Level 7 student-turned-Harley Academy trainer, Natalie Haswell – a real #HarleyTrained success story!

Having been a registered general nurse (RGN) continually since 2005, she has worked in various clinical areas. Based at Colchester General Hospital in Essex, her experience spans Trauma and Orthopedics to ENT.

As well as her general nursing education, Haswell has achieved qualifications in nursing mentorship/teaching, consultation and diagnostics skills, plus an independent prescribing NMP/INP.

Since making the leap from nursing to aesthetics in 2017, she has established a successful career as an injector. Haswell has her own clinic in Colchester, where she specialises in natural-looking facial enhancements and cosmetic dermatology. She is also one of Harley Academy’s clinical mentors and an enthusiastic member of our training staff.

Known for her extensive experience, warmth and honest approach, we know she will have a broad range of insights to share with you from her 15 years of teaching medical professionals. Topics include leaving nursing to pursue a career in aesthetics, how she found studying for her Level 7 Certificate and building up her aesthetics practice from scratch.

She can speak candidly from both sides of the professional fence – as a practitioner and as a trainer/mentor – so has plenty of real life experience to draw from. You can get a taster of the types of great advice you can expect, in this video…

Registered with the JCCP, Haswell describes herself as an “accountable, responsible, confident, ethical medical professional.”

The Aesthetics Show host Dr Marcus Mehta and Harley Academy founder Dr Tristan Mehta will be putting their own questions to Natalie Haswell. However, if you have any burning questions you’d like them to ask her, do just let us know via the Harley Academy Instagram account. This is your chance to find out exactly what it takes to change your career focus and make a successful name for yourself in aesthetics, so don’t hold back!

Now that lockdown is over, we’re excited to get back to featuring a live injectable treatment on the show; this time we’re focusing on the lower face and look forward to talking you through another great treatment.

The Aesthetics Show airs live on the Harley Academy YouTube channel every Tuesday at 7pm #TheAestheticsShow