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Master These Skills Before Applying For Injector Jobs

How do you know when you’re ready to start your career in aesthetic medicine? Besides listening to your gut, there are a number of skills we believe you should master before applying for injector jobs or starting your own aesthetics practice.

Use the following pearls of wisdom from our faculty to form a checklist of the areas you need to be confident in to help you score those great clinic jobs!


Mastering consultations, patience and achievable goals

Harley Academy director of education and aesthetics specialist at STORY Marylebone, Dr Kalpna Pindolia advises…

• you should be able to conduct an excellent consultation; this is a huge part of gaining patient satisfaction

• have patience, both with patients and with yourself. In particular, know that it takes time to learn the fundamentals of aesthetic medicine well

• understand that conquering challenges everyday – no matter how trivial – will reap results over the long term; “not sweating the small stuff” is an important mindset to strive for as an injector, particularly as many medics struggle with the pursuit of impossible perfection.

• set and assert boundaries, if you’re asked to do something that does not feel right, trust your instincts or at least find out more before agreeing to it

• be comfortable asking for help whether it’s with patient advice or training. When you start your new injector position, get to know the surrounding team and networks. Their knowledge and experience is gold dust for your future plans!

Be confident in basic treatments and complications

Clinical trainer and aesthetics specialist, Dr Harriet Jenkins adds that you should be…:

• prepared for and know how to manage simple or time-sensitive complications

• confident in delivering basic injectable treatments.

Trust your instincts and know when not to treat

Senior clinical trainer and aesthetics specialist, Dr Raquel Amado further notes…

• Learn to trust your instinct. Whether it’s making the decision on the type of treatment, if a patient is suitable for treatment or not, or just knowing if you feel ready to start injecting without supervision, being able to trust your gut is an important factor in being a successful aesthetic practitioner. If you’re ever in doubt, do not inject and refer them to a more experienced injector. 

Your injector job skills checklist

Save the graphic checklist below on your phone to keep you on track and tick off each achievement as you go.

Once you’ve completed it, you know you’re ready to start the next phase of your aesthetic medicine career by applying for injector jobs or starting your own practice!