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Posted 13th Jun 2023

Lower face treatments Cosmetic Dentists should consider

Correcting asymmetry cosmetic injectables training

There are a number of lower face treatments that are especially complimentary to cosmetic dentists’ service offerings.

Our lower face plays a significant role in how our face ages. This includes the jaw, teeth and overlying layers. As such, there are a number of non-invasive cosmetic treatments that all aesthetics practitioners can learn to improve their outcomes. This is especially true of cosmetic dentists due to their particular area of expertise.

There are many factors contributing to an ageing appearance of the lower face that are beyond our control. For example, genetics, trauma and dental health.

However, preventative lifestyle changes, such as good dental hygiene and regular check-ups, can help to mitigate these effects. This is a message dentists are clearly well-placed to deliver.

Dentists also already have a practice to which they can introduce cosmetic injectables. This means an existing potential patient base with whom you already have a trusting relationship.

By adding on certain injectable treatments to your dental practice, you can provide patients with a more holistic offering. This can help them to minimise the effects of ageing and restore a more youthful appearance.

Dr Jaymi Lad Harley Academy aesthetics training course Level 7

Causes of ageing in the lower face

Signs of ageing in the lower face are primarily caused by a combination of loss of skin elasticity and changes in the underlying facial structure.

Some of the main contributing factors, in no particular order, are:

  • Loss of collagen and elastin
  • Changes in bone structure and teeth
  • Loss of deep fat pads which shrink and descend over time
  • Repetitive facial movements causing dermal atrophy
  • Sun damage and elastosis
  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise.
Correcting asymmetry cosmetic injectables training

How dental ageing affects facial appearance

Over time, our teeth and jaws can cause signs of ageing in our face through a process known as dental ageing. This refers to the changes in our teeth and jaws that occur as we age. As the teeth and jaws are the foundation of the lower face, this structural change significantly contributes to the region’s appearance.

These changes can include:

Wear and tear

The gradual wearing down of our teeth, causing them to lose their natural shape and size. This can also affect our bite, changing it and affecting the appearance of our jawline.

Tooth loss

As we age, we may lose teeth due to decay, gum disease, or other factors. This can cause the remaining teeth to shift and create gaps or unevenness in the smile. When we lose back teeth, in particular, this may lead to buccal hollowing in the cheeks.

Changes in tooth colour

Our teeth can become discoloured over time due to factors such as smoking, coffee, or wine consumption. Yellow or stained teeth can make us look older and less healthy.

Changes in jawbone structure

The bone that supports our teeth can become thinner and lose density over time, which can affect the overall shape and appearance of the face and lips.

Gum recession

Receding gums are common and occur when the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, exposing the roots. This can create a “toothy” or uneven smile and contribute to a more aged appearance.

Assessing aesthetics patients faces by face shape

Lower face treatments for rejuvenation

Overall, the ageing process in the lower face is a complex interplay of various factors.

Aesthetics practitioners in the dental space may wish to focus on treatments that enhance the appearance of the lower face and perioral region.

These can include using soft tissue fillers to restore volume and smooth rhytides, for example:

There are also a number of botox treatments that can be useful when treating the lower face

A confident and well-trained aesthetics practitioner will also be able to combine treatments to safely meet their patients’ goals.

Future of Aesthetics Harley Academy aesthetics training courses

Perioral, Lips & Lower Face Filler Masterclasses

If you’re a licensed cosmetic dentist, our targeted Masterclasses will help you hone your skills. By concentrating on key areas, you can focus on the regions most likely to be of concern to your patients.

For example, our Cheek, Mid-Face & Lower Face Filler Masterclass can help you to bring a ‘whole face’ perspective to your practice, for great panfacial outcomes. This Masterclass covers medial cheek filler, zygoma/cheekbone filler, piriform fossa filler, preauricular region treatments, nasolabial fold filler, marionette line filler, chin filler and jawline filler including pre-jowl sulcus and the gonial angle.

Our Perioral & Lip Filler Masterclass is great for those wishing to prioritise beautification and rejuvenation of this region, making it a perfect option for dentists. In addition to anatomical considerations and consulting your patients, it also covers lip filler injection techniques, perioral rejuvenation treatments, Cupid’s bow, philtrum column and oral commissure management, cannula techniques and needle use, potential complications of perioral and lip filler treatments and how to manage them.

Each of our Injectables Masterclasses comprises a full-day of intensive learning, with dedicated eLearning modules to be completed in advance. They’ll equip you with the skills and confidence to approach a range of treatments individually, as well as understanding how to combine treatments safely and effectively.

To find out more about our Injectables Masterclass, or any of our other medical aesthetics training courses, contact our Courses team. They’ll listen to your requirements and provide bespoke advice on the best aesthetic medicine training for where you are in your career.

All information correct at the time of publication.

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