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Level Up Your Lip Filler Results Through Massage

Did you know that massage helps to create excellent lip filler results? It can mean the difference between ok results and really beautiful ones.

You can - and should - massage the area following any filler treatment. However, it’s particularly important to firmly massage following lip filler.

Here, our founder and CEO, the aesthetic medicine expert Dr Tristan Mehta lists five ways you can use massage to improve your lip filler results…


3 ways massage can level up your lip filler results

“In the first few minutes after administering lip filler, you can further shape your results through massage,” explains Dr Tristan.

These are some of the key reasons we do this and why it can make such a huge difference to help your lip filler results stand out from your competitors’!

1. Avoid lumps and bumps

“This one is the most obvious. The main reason we, as medical aesthetics practitioners, massage the lips following filler is to disperse any lumps and bumps. Using a firm massage technique, you can smooth these out for even results,” advises Dr Tristan.

“No patient wants lumpy lip filler; the importance of this step cannot be overstated when it comes to their satisfaction.”

2. Create lip convexity

“Generally, if the treatment is to add volume, use the lip massage to round out the filler. This will create a desirable convexity. This can offer a smooth fullness that really tips your lip filler results into the top tier.”

3. Make sure your lip filler results are symmetrical

“If there’s a slight difference in lip symmetry immediately following treatment, you may be able to use massage to correct this,” Dr Tristan highlights. “Again, firmly massage the lips, manually guiding the filler towards the area that requires additional volume.

“Once you’ve done this to your satisfaction, reassess your work. If this hasn’t done the trick, you’ll need to add more filler to ensure a nicely symmetrical result."


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