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Posted 29th Nov 2021

Level 7 Success Story: Craig Hobson

Level 7 Success Story: Craig Hobson

When it comes to making an investment, nothing beats hearing the unvarnished truth, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. This is what inspired our Level 7 Success Story interview series.

Find out from people who have been there, done that and got the graduation certificate how they found their aesthetics training and why they chose to invest in this learning pathway.

Level 7 Success Story: Craig Hobson, RGN

Here we speak to Craig Hobson, a registered nurse since 2007. His clinical career has spanned acute, community and the third sector care, mainly in HIV/GUM medicine. He also worked for a global pharmaceutical company before deciding to pursue aesthetics.

Most of his career has been London-based – including his Level 7, Cosmetic Dermatology course and 1:1 Injectables Training with us here at Harley Academy. However, having graduated, he is now back in his hometown of Bristol where he has founded Craig Hobson Aesthetics Ltd.

What interested you about a career in aesthetic medicine?

I am passionate about helping people and nursing allows me to do this, so to be able to work clinically and help somebody to be confident is amazing. I have always felt self-conscious and under pressure from social media and society to look and be a certain way. As I have become older and wiser I have realised that self-confidence comes from within and perfection doesn’t exist. For me, aesthetic medicine is about helping people be skin confident not skin perfect.

Why did you decide to do your Level 7?

My work ethic and clinical practice has always been to a very high standard. I am working with peoples’ lives so, for me, I want to ensure I have a strong foundation, knowledge and skill base before I do anything. Level 7 gives me this.

How did you find the course?

It’s intense, it’s hard work, it’s a lot to fit in to life. However, its enjoyable, its certainly educational and I have loved it, especially the anatomy and physiology section, but then I am a bit weird like that

Why did you choose to do your Level 7 Diploma with Harley Academy?

Certainly not because you were the most cost effective!!! In fact, I tried to find a course that was as extensive at a lower cost. However, for me, the amount of mentoring time, the extensive online eLearning and continued support that I get was exactly what I was looking for. I knew that Harley Academy was the only provider I wanted on my wall. I am proud of my Harley Academy certificate wall.

Do you feel the course offered good value?

For sure, I believe the investment will stand me in good stead for my future practice. That’s how I see it – its an investment.

How has the L7 helped you as an injector and your career in general?

Injections are a bread and butter skill for nurses. I guess I have done them all of my career without even thinking about it. However, working on somebody’s face and carrying out a practice that isn’t your routine work is a scary thing to do. This course has helped me to become a confident injector. As well as focusing on the anatomy and physiology of the face and the pharmacology of the products, it has also helped me look at the face in a different way and identify how it can be sculpted. I now sit in coffee shops mentally working on the faces of the people around me. One of my mottos in clinic is “where science and artistry meet face-to-face”. Being a confident injector certainly allows me to make this motto a reality.

What areas outside of injecting did you find training with Harley Academy prepared you for?

I also did the Cosmetic Dermatology course which I loved. This has really helped me to look at the face and skin in a more holistic way. The course also offered me a great insight into setting up my business and creating a brand. Hopefully CHA and its’ “Be Skin Confident” strap line is starting to become a brand people recognise.

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What’s your favourite treatment to perform and why?

I love doing skin peels, mainly because clients get such a great result from them. I also love doing anti-wrinkle injections as, again, this can make such a huge difference to somebody on their journey to being skin confident.

Which treatments are you building your reputation on and which do you hope to build up to as you expand your practice?

There is no specific treatment as I like to adapt to a client’s needs and tailor a bespoke treatment plan, although I have had lots of positive feedback on skin peels. I guess my reputation will be built on the initial consultation, which I believe is essential for treatment planning. It’s extensive, there is no pressure, it covers the whole face and I write up a treatment plan which is individual. It includes the suggestions I think will help somebody to be skin confident, based upon their presentation and what they want. Ask me again in a few years time and my answer may be different

Would you recommend healthcare professionals take the Level 7 with Harley Academy?

Very much so, for all the reasons I have talked about so far. But mainly because you guys are a bunch of really friendly and helpful practitioners who are passionate about aesthetics and seeing this as a medical speciality. I am a clinician, not a beautician and I wanted to be inspired by others who take this medical stance in their practice.

If you’d like to follow in Craig’s footsteps and earn your Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers, or build your confidence with 1:1 Injectables Training Sessions, book a call with Deneal Basi. As our head of student recruitment he’s perfectly placed to find you the course that best fits with all your educational needs.

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