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Kate Zadah Explains The Benefits Of PR For Injectors

If you’re wondering about the benefits of PR for injectors, the quote industry veteran Kate Zadah has on the homepage of her website says it all. “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on Public Relations” – Bill Gates.

As the founder of Mantelpiece PR, Zadah has over 17 years’ experience in promoting health, beauty and aesthetics clients to the media. Representing individuals, products, treatments and clinics, she offers a 360 degree view of the aesthetics industry as well as stellar media contacts.

Zadah credits her “unparalleled passion” and “wealth of experience” for developing her “infallible gut instinct and exceptional ability to steer businesses firmly towards success”.


But how do you know if PR is right for you? When is the right time for injectors to bring a public relations specialist or agency on board? How do you find the right PR for your aesthetics business? What will they do for you and how much time will it take out of your already-busy day? Time is money, after all! On that note, there’s also the question everyone really wants to know the answer to… how much will it cost??

Dr Marcus Mehta asks Kate Zadah all the important questions on The Aesthetics Show at 7pm, Tuesday 15 December live on the Harley Academy YouTube channel. You’ll also be able to submit your own burning questions during the show via YouTube Live Chat. After the show you can send in queries via our Harley Academy Instagram account.

Our popular live injection section is back again, too, with Dr Tristan Mehta and Dr Emily MacGregor talking you through another great face treatment. This time they’ve got tear trough filler and forehead filler for you!

If you missed last week’s show, don’t forget to catch up over on IGTV; you’ll be able to see their top tips on how to find the apex when creating projection in the cheeks, plus two techniques for holding the syringe and aspirating. You’ll also be able to see Tristan in action, showing us his new method for administering cheek fillers, which is particularly pertinent for right-handed injectors…

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