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Posted 23rd Aug 2021

Injectors’ Favourite Aesthetic Treatments

Botulinum toxin upper face aesthetic treatment

When you start exploring the different procedures, you’ll find that you quickly take to one in particular. Here you can find out some of Harley Academy injectors’ favourite aesthetic treatments and why...

Botulinum toxin upper face aesthetic treatment


Dr Kalpna Pindolia, director of education and aesthetics specialist at STORY Marylebone, London.

My favourite treatment is upper face toxin at the moment – although it changes all the time. I love the art and science of producing a natural rejuvenative result where a patient will look refreshed but no one can tell why!

Now I’ve been practising for over five years, I still continue refining my toxin technique depending on the outcomes and latest evidence. There is danger in a “paint by numbers” approach with toxin that some may adopt. Toxin is unforgiving if there is a poor outcome as there is no antidote, so I love the growth in the challenge of producing great results.

Knowing how muscles work together as well as in isolation is key. I always have the narrative in my head, “what does this muscle do, what will be the effect of toxin for the muscle and how will this change affect the surrounding muscles?”

Setting realistic expectations is also crucial, particularly in older patients with static lines and photodamaged skin. Take your time with the consultation and plan your treatments – rushing is a no-no when it comes to these treatments which require some finesse to do well! Just because they are popular treatments and you may do lots of them, doesn’t mean you can neglect the fundamental principles behind them as individual variation of anatomy and needs also play a large role in successful outcomes.

The first treatment I loved doing – and still love – is the standard cheek treatment. Not many patients realise what a great pan-facial aesthetic cheek treatment can give – without a hamster effect! It’s a great treatment to provide a more awake and refreshed look and is something most patients can benefit from.

Harley Academy injectors aesthetic treatment training courses


Dr Jaymi Lad, clinical trainer at Harley Academy and award-nominated aesthetics practitioner at Javivo Clinic in Manchester.

One of my favourite aesthetic treatments to perform is mid-face treatments.

When I first started treating this area it used to be cheek augmentation using a needle. I liked this technique as a beginner as it was quite prescriptive.

As my skills progressed, I’ve built on this to use a cannula in most areas to enable treating superficial and deep fat pads.

The mid-face is an area that undergoes early age-related changes, so age-restorative treatments in this area are very satisfying treatments to perform.

Start deep and address the changes related to bone resorption first, then think about addressing volume loss and fat pads. Examination is key here.

Injecting Cheek Filler Advice for New Injectors


Dr Jessica Srivastava, clinical trainer at Harley Academy, Allergan Spark Talks finalist and cosmetic doctor at Dr Jess Aesthetics in London.

When I first qualified in aesthetics, lips were, without a doubt, my favourite treatment and it’s probably the treatment I still get the most enquiries for.

However, as I gained experience I have seen the transformative result from mid and lateral cheek filler and I love it!

The preauricular area is a part of the face that few patients ask for but they all love the results from. It gives a lovely lift to the face and is a great anchor point. It can also help soften hollowing in this area as we age and bring the face back into better harmony.

I perform it with a cannula in layer two and opt for a higher G prime filler so that it has a greater lifting capacity.

The best tip I can give to aesthetic medicine students starting to inject here is to have experience with a cannula first, as this area does take a little more confidence to treat.

Important aftercare advice I give to patients after these aesthetic treatments is not to massage, even though they will really want to. When you place a firmer filler closer to the skin surface, it is palpable, albeit not visible and there is a lot of temptation to massage. Doing so will only lose the projection we have created so leaving it alone is the best thing they can do!


We hope these insightful answers help guide you and inspire your own practice.

If you want to really zone in on one particular treatment or an area that you enjoy treating, our 1:1 Training in Injectable Treatments is a great way to perfect your technique.

Every injector has their own speciality and this is a great way to carve out a niche for yourself and establish a reputation as an injector. In order to do this, you first need to find the area you want to specialise in.

Then, you need to work hard at learning everything there is to know about the anatomy of that area, any danger zones and how to prevent and manage complications associated with it. 

Refining your approach, be it injection technique, when to use a needle or cannula or simply building your confidence by treating a range of different patients, will then all come together to allow you to create safe and beautiful results that are reproducible.

For injectors who did not take the Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers, or for those who prefer more tailored support whilst honing their craft, these one-to-one injectables training sessions are an effortless solution.

What are your favourite aesthetic treatments to perform so far? Let us know over on the Harley Academy Instagram account.

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