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Posted 15th Jan 2024

How to Inject Chin Filler When There's Scarring

TOP BOX Improve Chin Filler Injection Techniques Facial Scarring

Learning how to inject chin filler when there’s scarring is a great way to up skill and cement your medical credentials. As you become more experienced as an aesthetics practitioner, you’ll be faced with many concerns. Having the confidence and knowledge to treat a wide range of patients will help to set you apart.

Clinical trainer and medical aesthetics specialist, Dr Laura Geige offers her skilled guidance on injecting chin filler when a scar is present.

A challenging concern to manage when injecting, Dr Laura offers key insights into patient selection, approaches and tools.

Getting started in medical aesthetics as a dentist

What is the guidance on treating chin filler patients with scarring?

Dr Laura explains, “The initial consultation is crucial when a scar is present. Take your time, ensure a thorough assessment and consider alternative treatments for the scar itself.

“If you and the patient choose to proceed with the filler treatment, consider a dual approach. You can employ a needle supra periosteal bolus technique combined with tissue separation within the scar using a cannula.

“Additionally, you can use a softer filler in the second layer with a cannula for a more comprehensive treatment approach”, she recommends.

TOP BOX Improve Chin Filler Injection Techniques Facial Scarring

Would you treat aesthetics patients for chin filler when there’s scarring?

“The decision to proceed with treatment depends on the severity and depth of the scar”, Dr Laura notes. “I strive to assist the patient wherever possible. However, in such cases, I would prioritise an extensive and detailed consultation before administering any treatment.”

She explains that this approach “allows aesthetics practitioners to set realistic expectations, as certain results might not always be achievable. It's important to acknowledge that treatments, on occasion, can be unsuccessful. Therefore, having an honest and open discussion during the consultation and taking the time to explain everything thoroughly is crucial.”

This also manages the patient’s expectations of the results and ensures you are working within the limits of your expertise.

Is administering filler when chin scarring is present best left for more experienced injectors?

Dr Laura states, “Absolutely, treating scars in areas like the chin can be quite challenging.”

She continues, “If you don't feel fully prepared or equipped to handle potential complications, it might be best to entrust the treatment to more experienced aesthetics practitioners.

“It's essential to prioritise patient safety and well-being above all else for such intricate treatments.”

A patient receiving a chin filler injection

What is the best treatment approach to ensure a safe and effective outcome?

Dr Laura discusses the use of different tools and the best techniques. She explains how to create natural chin filler results when scarring is present.

“My advice is to utilise both needle and cannula techniques”, Dr Laura states. “Always remain vigilant about the increased risk of vascular events due to the disruption of baseline anatomy. Continuously check and reassess your patients during and after the procedure, including monitoring the tongue for signs of a vascular event”, she highlights.

“When using a cannula, opt for a wider gauge. Ideally use a 22G, as it may offer better safety considering the heightened chances of vascular events”, Dr Laura advises.

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