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Posted 22nd Oct 2021

How To Build Your Client List Whilst Training

How To Build Your Client List Whilst Training

Newcomers to aesthetic medicine often worry about how they’ll attract patients. At Harley Academy our students are welcome to start practicing whilst training once they have the appropriate qualification and insurance. To this end, we offer an easy solution which helps you build your client list whilst training…

How To Build Your Client List Whilst Training

Bring your own patients to training appointments

Whilst we can arrange patients for your training sessions in some cases or if needed, it’s so much more advantageous to source your own. Let us explain why sourcing your own patients during your aesthetics training is such a power move for both your technical learning and your professional development.

Start learning how to build your client list and develop patient relationships.

Many of our graduates and trainers started out in aesthetic medicine by treating their friends, family, colleagues and then building on this client base by advertising, often on social media. By starting to bring in your own patients during training, you get a head start on learning how to acquire new patients.

Furthermore, if you have any difficulties with this or encounter issues you aren’t sure how to deal with, you can ask your mentor for advice. Make the most of your training sessions by asking them about all areas of aesthetic practice rather than muddling through things for the first time once you’re on your own!

You can pre-select the patients you see for specific treatment indications.

Being able to seek out patients who require a specific treatment you want to hone your technique in is incredibly valuable. You may also wish to ensure you select patients of different demographics for your training to improve your approach. Ensure you learn how to treat a wide variety of patients and areas under the guidance of a mentor. This will build your confidence and reduce the room for surprises when you start practicing.

Refusing treatment patient consultation

See how your treatment results turn out and gain experience in patient follow-ups.

One of the biggest benefits to providing your own patients for training is the ability to build a relationship with them by seeing them for follow-ups. Learn how to deal with common queries that may arise following treatment as well as administering any re-treatments, to further your learning. This experience should refine your approach, resulting in better patient outcomes which will also help to build your client list.

Learn about prolonged treatment results, first hand.

When we allocate a patient to you, you may not be the one who sees them for any follow up appointments. This means you don’t always get to see how your treatments turn out. Seeing the results of your treatments, as well as the patient’s reaction to them, can be a valuable learning experience and is something we highly recommend.

Build your confidence in patient communication and handling, as well as injecting.

Building a client base is about long-term, repeat business, so bringing your own patients is a great way to start developing the relevant skills. By seeing your patients for the initial consultation, treatment and any post-treatment assessment appointments, your confidence in patient communication and handling each situation will increase. You’ll also find situations naturally develop where you may need assistance. The more real-life experience you get from training sessions, the better, as you have your mentor’s support to fall back on whenever you aren’t sure.

Provide your patients with safe and affordable treatments.

Offering safe and affordable aesthetics treatments performed by a medical professional under the supervision of an experienced specialist is a fantastic draw for new patients. Being able to offer this can be an easy win in attracting new patients, who you can then start to form relationships with.

Medical aesthetics practitioner advice injecting

How bringing your own patients to training appointments works

1:1 Injectables Training

Students taking our 1:1 Injectables Training should bring their own patients to these sessions for treatment. Many of our graduates start to build their client base by first treating friends, family members and colleagues but it could also be someone you’ve found via advertising.

We include the price of their treatment in the fee you pay for your one-to-one mentored session. Therefore, you may wish to charge your patient in order to recover some of the cost.

Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers

Core Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers

For each of these courses, your patients will be arranged for you. However, as we’ve outlined, it can be extremely beneficial to start organising your own patients as soon as possible.

We recommend our Level 7 students do this. However, Core Training students are also welcome to arrange their own patients.

If you wish to bring your own patient, all you need to do is let us know in advance, when you book your training sessions in.

Your patients will pay The Academy Clinic for their appointment and, whilst you can have oversight of the payment process, this will be handled by our team so you don’t need to worry about that just yet!

Foundation Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers

We do not recommend you bring your own patients in for Foundation Training as your first time injecting can be nerve wracking. Also, if it’s someone you know, this can bring added pressure. That said, if you would like to do this, it is a possibility.

Investing in your career

Harley Academy aesthetic medicine courses offer students a supported real world experience of actual clinic life.

Whether you plan to be a solo aesthetics practitioner or join an established set-up, taking advantage of everything our training has to offer will maximise these benefits and stand you in good stead for the rest of your career.

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