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Harley Academy to open UK’s largest Aesthetic Medicine Campus

This August, Harley Academy is set to open the UK’s largest campus dedicated solely to aesthetic medicine education.

Located just five minutes walk from our current Copthall Avenue site, we are excited to fill you in some of the exciting details. The rest will be revealed nearer to our official opening date of 15th August 2023.


We are keeping our Copthall Avenue clinic.

As Harley Academy continues to grow, so too does our need for appropriate teaching and clinic spaces. This is why we are opening another site in addition to our much-loved Copthall Avenue home.

Whilst the new campus will be our flagship, we’ll also continue to teach from our Copthall Avenue companion site.

It takes around five minutes to walk between the two. We hope the proximity of our Harley Academy buildings will inspire a collegiate feel amongst our trainees.



The new Harley Academy site will be our second academic building dedicated solely to the study and practice of aesthetic medicine.

Centrally located in the heart of the City of London, and less than five minutes walk from our original Copthall Avenue base, our new campus sets a higher standard for aesthetics education institutions.

Our headquarters will occupy a physically bigger space. This will allow us to deliver a wider range of medical aesthetics training to even more doctors, dentists and nurses.

Additionally, the layout purposefully encourages peer-to-peer and faculty interactions outside of the ‘classroom’. Every minute you’re with us is a learning opportunity, even when you don’t realise it!

Harley Academy’s outstanding Student Support team will also be based within our new space. So, whatever your question, there’ll always be someone on hand to answer it.

Beyond this, we’ll be introducing a host of modern facilities and technologies. From ultrasound imaging tools to new skin treatment devices, we’re excited for you to explore our enhanced capabilities.

All this further facilitates our delivery of the highest quality, hands-on, evidence-based aesthetic medicine training in the UK.


Our spacious new City of London location is steeped in oddly appropriate history…

This part of Bank was historically known as a home to needle-makers. Tailors were also prevalent in medieval times – another appearance-based profession which calls for precision, creativity and an eye for detail!

It’s still home to the Bank of England and has long-established monetary links. The London Stock Exchange was also located here until 2004. Its Grade I listed building was then repurposed as a luxury shopping destination.

Now known as The Royal Exchange, it’s well worth a visit. Plan extra time to indulge in a spot of (window) shopping, drinks or afternoon tea when you visit us! The impressive building is home to Fortnum & Mason, Tiffany & Co and Ladurée, among others.


Despite the weight of its history, our new Harley Academy building is a light and airy space. Combining industrial and Nordic aesthetics with a clinical edge, our main campus has a bespoke design intended to both calm and inspire.

From the moment you push open the glass doors, you’ll feel motivated to learn. Every aspect of our centre has been carefully curated. We’ve created an environment that feels naturally conducive to educational excellence and echoes our supportive ambience.

The intentional, easy flow of the interiors, paired with our specially selected colour palette provides you with mental clarity. It allows you the space to unlock new levels of knowledge and unleash your creativity.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Harley Academy without a fun pop of neon to brighten up your training selfies!

We look forward to welcoming you to our new campus as we champion the next level in medical aesthetics education.