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Posted 31st Jan 2022

Gummy Smile Advice For Injectors

Gummy Smile Advice For Injectors

Aesthetic medicine is a constantly evolving field with many treatments to explore. Once you’ve mastered the ‘cornerstone’ injectables, it’s natural to want to progress; Gummy smile treatments can be a great stepping stone to the world of more advanced aesthetics.

Aesthetics doctor, dental surgeon and Harley Academy clinical trainer, Dr Janine Rothburn advises, A gummy smile is when you smile and excessive gingival display caused by hyperactive upper lips elevator muscles.”

Gummy Smile Advice For Injectors

This is a wonderful treatment for any qualified aesthetics practitioner to learn. However, it can be a particularly beneficial offering for cosmetic dentists with an interest in smile aesthetics. “Smile makeovers” have been gaining in popularity over the past few years and being able to offer gummy smile treatments fits well within this remit.

Here Dr Janine answers some common questions about treating excessive gingival display safely…

Which level should injectors reach before starting to treat excessive gingival display?

She believes that, “…any competent injector who understands facial anatomy and the associated musculature can treat a gummy smile.”

We would further recommend you are confident in:

1. Performing fundamental aesthetic medicine treatments using botulinum toxin A and dermal fillers.

2. Cannula use.

3. Perioral assessment.

What is the best way to treat a gummy smile?

“There are a couple of ways to treat a gummy smile,” advises Dr Janine.

“Botulinum toxin can be used to treat a gummy smile by relaxing the muscles of the upper lip which elevate the lip upon smiling. These muscles include the LLSAN (Levator Labii Superioris Alaeque Nasi) and LLS (Levator Labii Superioris).”

Lip filler can also be useful here, as Dr Janine explains, “Dermal fillers can also be used to correct excessive gingival display. Adding filler to the upper lip will help to increase its thickness, whilst also hydrating and adding volume to the lips. Using a cannula instead of a needle will help reduce trauma, swelling and bruising in the lips.”

BOTOX VAT status aesthetics treatments

How should gummy smile treatments be personalised to each patient?

“A full assessment is required during consultation to understand the competency, occlusion, dentition and muscle activity of your patient,” counsels Dr Janine. “Discussion with the patient is essential to gain understanding of their expectations.”

She adds, “If treating with toxin, I always recommend treating with a standard dose of 2-4 units per side into the LLSAN, then review at 2-4 weeks. If there’s still a lot of muscle movement, you can repeat the treatment. Lip filler can then be considered if the desired result has not been achieved.”

Are there common mistakes injectors make here?

“Common mistakes injectors make when approaching gummy smile treatment are not carrying out a full assessment,” she states. “It’s also paramount not to over-treat the muscles when using botulinum toxin, as this could result in an unnatural appearance.”

What happens if results are still not apparent by top-up appointment?

Dr Janine guides new injectors, as follows: “If you’re not seeing results at your follow-up appointment, you could repeat the treatment and re-assess. You could also consider treating the upper lip with dermal filler.”

Complications Training Harley Academy

Learning how to treat a gummy smile with botox

We currently offer a Masterclass where you can gain advanced insights into how to treat a gummy smile using botox.

Perioral & Lip Filler Masterclass

Our Perioral & Lip Filler Masterclass provides an opportunity to learn about the various rejuvenating and beautifying treatments for this region. This includes gummy smile treatments.

You’ll start off with eLearning providing you with the foundation knowledge of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers that you need to get the most out of your Masterclass. In addition, you’ll receive dedicated eLearning modules about the lips and perioral region to complete ahead of your in-person training, to fully prepare you.

This full-day Masterclass is a strictly-limited, small-group experience at our London campus. By minimising the number of participants, we allow for maximum interaction between you and the trainers, as well as an environment conducive to enhanced learning. You can ask questions throughout and see how a true specialist approaches this area of their practice to then inform your own.

After learning about the theory of a number of treatments and techniques, you’ll observe treatment demonstrations by one of our most senior clinical trainers. Please note that there are many treatments discussed during the theoretical element, including Russian Lips, however, these are not administered as live treatments on the day.

You’ll then get to treat your own patient – provided by us – with our experts’ guidance, to put your new skills into hands-on practice!

To discuss your specific aesthetics training requirements in more detail or to find out more about our range of injectables courses, book a call with our Courses team. They’ll be able to provide personalised advice no matter what your level of aesthetic medicine experience is. Our courses are open to licensed doctors, dentists and nurses including midwives.

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