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Posted 24th Mar 2022

Expert Advice On Injecting The SOOF

 Expert Advice On Injecting The SOOF

How confident are you about injecting the SOOF? Do you even know what the SOOF is..?

This area plays a pivotal role in facial ageing so it’s incredibly important for aesthetics practitioners to understand its anatomy.

Coupled with a great practical injecting technique, this can produce fantastic rejuvenating results for patients. It can be a particularly significant area to treat for those with the common complaint of “looking tired”.

We spoke to aesthetics specialist and clinical trainer, Dr Janine Rothburn and asked for her expert advice on injecting the SOOF…

 Expert Advice On Injecting The SOOF

What is the SOOF?

The SOOF refers to the suborbicularis oculi fat.

What role does the SOOF play in facial ageing and rejuvenation?

During the ageing process, we initially start to lose volume in the mid-face and periorbital area. Fat atrophy mostly occurs in the SOOF area, so it’s important to understand the facial ageing process. This allows us, as injectors, to restore volume loss accordingly.

What is the best approach to injecting the SOOF?

Production selection is always important, regardless of the area you’re injecting. You need to understand G prime and ensure you get the appropriate level for your treatment. For the SOOF, I recommend using a soft dermal filler such as Juvederm Volift or Volbella. Use this with a 25G 38mm cannula in layer 4.

Which mistakes do new injectors tend to make in this area?

There are two common errors we see aesthetic medicine students make when they first start out. The first is injecting too superficially and the second is using a filler product that is too thick.

This can cause interference to the lymphatic drainage in the area and, in some cases, can cause malar oedema.

Vycross Dermal Filler Range G Prime

How can these be avoided?

1. Use a cannula.

2. Choose a filler that is appropriate for the area

3. Ensure you are injecting in layer 4.

Learning how to inject the SOOF

If you’re looking to treat the SOOF, we have a number of courses open to licensed doctors, nurses, dentists and midwives.

Foundation Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers

This area will be covered briefly in our introductory course which is intended to ground you in the basics of aesthetic medicine. Completing this course allows you to obtain the relevant certification required to become insured as an aesthetics practitioner. You can then use this as a springboard into further education in medical aesthetics on your path to specialist status.

Core Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers

Our Core Training offers the same remit as above. However, this three-day option offers more practical training to help build your confidence as an injector.

Treating Black Skin of Colour Injector Training

Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers

As the leading post-graduate qualification in UK aesthetic medicine, the Level 7 Diploma offers in-depth expert training in toxin and dermal fillers. This involves taking a deep dive into facial anatomy, facial and skin ageing, plus the products and cornerstone injectable treatments that can help to resolve concerns in each area.

Everything you learn is taught through the lens of patient safety and producing harmonious, natural-looking results whether for facial rejuvenation or beautification.

How to prevent and manage potential complications also plays an important role in our gold standard aesthetics training,

The Harley Academy Level 7 course involves theory and practical elements, as well as mentoring sessions to help you improve your confidence and knowledge. Ultimately, this course is designed to make you a knowledgeable, competent and confident injector who is prepared for real world clinical practice.

1:1 Training in Mid-Face and Cannula

If you’re looking for dedicated training specific to the mid-face area, where the SOOF is located, our one-to-one aesthetics mentoring session is the one for you!

Whether you want to improve your skills, learn up-close from experienced aesthetics experts or simply build your confidence, these targeted sessions are invaluable. Following eLearning elements, which we provide to be completed ahead of your session, you will treat your own patient under the watchful eye of one of our highly-skilled trainers.

Your 1:1 Training in Mid-Face and Cannula session will primarily focus on learning how to identify facial planes and treat above and below the SMAS. It will also work on honing your cannula use, which is a key skill when treating the SOOF.

You can ask questions throughout and the emphasis of each session can be tailored to the areas you wish to improve upon or explore. This allows you to get the most out of each

Our 1:1 Training is open to doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives who are licensed medical aesthetics practitioners.

Overwhelmed by the choices? Book in a call with Deneal Basi, our head of student recruitment. Let him know your situation and what you’re hoping to get from your training and he’ll be able to pair you with your perfect pathway for becoming #HarleyTrained.

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