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Does The Level 7 Actually Help Your Aesthetics Career?

Elizabeth Hawkes is a Harley Trained Level 7 graduate and consultant ophthalmic and occuloplastic surgeon in London and the Berkshire region. Here’s what she had to say about studying for her Level 7 injectables qualification with us at Harley Academy….


Why did you choose Harley Academy?

I chose Harley Academy because I wanted to expand my practice into facial aesthetics and I wanted to ensure that I had the highest level of qualification in order to do that. And Harley Academy came with a very good reputation from colleagues and peers and so for that reason I enrolled on the Level 7.

How has the Level 7 qualification helped your career and practice?

It’s helped in two areas. Firstly, Harley Academy have been an excellent training academy. They really have based their training on theory and a solid understanding of anatomy. As a surgeon, I’m already fairly confident in injecting around the face; however, doing the Level 7 has opened up and expanded my practice in order to find different techniques and different areas of the face to inject and I’ve really really enjoyed it.

What did you enjoy most about studying with us?

Firstly I’d like to thank the tutors and mentors here. I think they’ve all been excellent. They teach to a high standard and they’re very, very professional and also very friendly and approachable. When you start and enrol in a course you’re allocated a mentor who you’re able to contact for a second opinion or advice when you’re first getting started, and I think that’s very valuable.

Do you have any advice for aspiring aesthetics practitioners?

I think as a surgeon, and most other surgeons, you would feel quite confident injecting, but I actually would strongly encourage other surgeons to go ahead and enrol and have proper training in facial aesthetics, because you will learn new things.

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Article last fact-checked: 11 January 2023