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Collagen-Stimulating Fillers – Understanding CaHA

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Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) collagen-stimulating fillers are making a comeback!

Biostimulatory fillers such as calcium hydroxyapatite, poly-l-lactic acid, polycaprolactone and polymethylmethacrylate are agents that stimulate dermal fibroblasts into producing collagen. They represent an interesting and evolving space in the filler market as standalone products, or as components of combined products for facial rejuvenation.

We know many of you have questions about CaHA collagen-stimulating fillers so we spoke to Dr Victoria Russell - one of our clinical trainers - to find out more…

Collagen-stimulating CaHA fillers calcium hydroxlapatite

What are collagen-stimulating fillers?

“Collagen-stimulating fillers are a type of dermal filler that stimulates the body’s natural collagen production,” Dr Victoria explains.

“These products contain ingredients such as calcium hydroxyapatite (CA) or poly-L-lactic acid. They stimulate collagen production in your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles to improve skin texture.”

Their volumetric benefit is usually less profound and less instant than traditional hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. They also cannot be dissolved like HA fillers. Their aesthetic effects are usually longer lasting.

What do CaHA fillers do?

Dr Victoria explains, “Fibroblasts are cells found in the dermis of our skin and are responsible for the production of collagen.

“Over time, we lose collagen, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. This is because as we age, fibroblasts not only decrease in number, but they also begin to have reduced function.

“These collagen-stimulating ingredients act on the fibroblast cells to elevate the production of collagen. This results in a tightened and more youthful appearance of your skin over time.”

With CaHA, the gel dissipates leaving a structural scaffold with new collagen deposition around the microspheres.

Collagen-stimulating CaHA fillers calcium hydroxlapatite

Who is suitable for collagen-stimulating filler treatments?

Dr Victoria counsels, “It’s important to be aware that collagen-stimulating fillers like CaHA are not reversible. They cannot be dissolved the way hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers can, therefore, patient selection is critical.

“CaHA fillers are a great option for patients who are experiencing changes to their skin and facial features due to ageing, noticing thinning or sagging skin.”

Where and how to use CaHA fillers

“Collagen-stimulating fillers plump and smooth the skin while adding structural support”, Dr Victoria comments.

“They’re more suited to larger areas such as the mid-face, hollow temples, jawline, marionettes and the dorsum of your hands. They aren’t appropriate for more delicate areas such as the lips or tear troughs.”

In terms of what injection technique should be used with collagen-stimulating fillers, Dr Victoria recommends using a large cannula to target a large surface area. CaHA can be used at any depth, but the collegenesis impact is more effective in sub or intradermal levels.

Collagen-stimulating CaHA fillers calcium hydroxlapatite

What to consider when selecting patients for collagen-stimulating filler treatments

As CaHA filler results are much more permanent, it’s recommended that this treatment is performed by more experienced injectors in low-risk areas.

Dr Victoria advises aesthetics practitioners consider the following points when selecting and consulting patients:

1. “It’s not recommended to use CaHA products on younger patients with no signs of ageing”

2. “Don’t use CaHa in the wrong areas, such as upper or lower eyelids or lips”

3. “Manage your patient’s expectations, especially for those who want immediate results. The true results of CaHA take up to 3 months to show.”

How long do results from collagen-stimulating fillers last? CaHA v HA

“The results of CaHA give an immediate, but subtle volumising effect, followed by

long-term collagen stimulation. By their nature, the effect can last around 2 years, which is twice as long as most regular HA fillers,” Dr Victoria confirms.

Expand your understanding of aesthetic medicine treatments

As medical aesthetics practitioners, we have a duty of care towards our patients. One way we can uphold this is to ensure we advise them appropriately. Whether we’re advising patients on which treatments would best suit their goals or administering injectables patients look to us for our expertise..

If you’re a doctor, dentist, nurse or clinical pharmacist looking to start your aesthetics career off on the right foot, book a call with our Course Advisors. Your free 15-minute session will allow for a thorough discussion about the various factors involved in finding your perfect pathway into aesthetic medicine.

In addition to answering your questions and providing bespoke advice, during this call they’ll also guide you through the best aesthetics training options for your goals.

Please note, Harley Academy currently does not offer CaHA filler training. However, if you’re on one of our Level 7 Diploma courses and have any questions on these, feel free to ask them during your one-to-one mentoring sessions.

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