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Posted 9th Jun 2022

Cheek Filler: How To Prevent Bruising

How To Prevent Bruising From Botox

Following the popularity of her input on how to prevent bruising from lip filler, Shantel is back! This time she’s sharing her expert advice on how to prevent bruising from cheek filler.

As with anything, good preparation is crucial to executing a safe and successful cheek filler treatment. You can find out more about this in our previous article, Cheek Filler Treatment Planning Advice.

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Shantel Noble is a Harley Academy clinical trainer and an aesthetics specialist with her own practice, Noble Aesthetics. In addition to being a Level 7 Diploma-holding cosmetic nurse, she is also a qualified prescriber.

These are her top tips for preventing bruising specifically from cheek filler...

Use the correct tools for cheek filler

  • A 27g needle is used for cheek injections.
  • Use a cannula to minimise sharp entries and injection points. Cannula use requires only one sharp injection bilaterally. The blunt cannula tool can then be used to treat at the appropriate depth.

Injection techniques that minimise cheek filler bruising

  • The best technique to use with a needle would be static boluses on top of the periosteum (layer 5).
  • Withdraw the needle slowly after each layer 5 bolus to allow all of the overlying layers to settle nicely. This will help to minimise trauma and prevent bruising.
  • Have a steady hand, particularly when aspirating, to reduce movement of the needle when within the cheek.
  • Slow all movements and have a gentle approach when entering and exiting.
  • Plan all injections, with safe bolus volumes between 0.1ml-0.3ml, to administer product over the standard 4 or less injection points. This will minimise needle entry trauma.
  • Take time palpating landmarks such as the zygomatic bone to ensure that, when injecting, you are safely on top of bone. It will mean you’re not having to try to find the bone or reposition the needle once already within the patient’s face.

Follow good cheek filler aftercare protocols

  • If your patient reports being uncomfortable following their cheek filler procedure, advise them to take paracetamol for pain management. This is recommended instead of any anticoagulants or anti platelets such as aspirin and ibuprofen, unless already prescribed.
  • Advise your patient to refrain from drinking alcohol pre and post procedure. Explain to them that this is because, as a vasodilator, it can thin the blood which contributes heavily to bruising.
How To Prevent Bruising From Botox


Midface treatments, such as cheek filler, can make a huge difference to patients’ looks. Whether they’re seeking anti-ageing outcomes or beautification, when performed well this treatment is a definite crowd-pleaser. As such, they’re a cornerstone treatment every aesthetics practitioner should be able to execute well.

For medical professionals looking to learn how to perform cheek filler safely and effectively, we have a number of dermal filler training options. These courses are available to doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives.


Foundation and Core Training for beginners

If you’re just starting your aesthetic medicine journey, one of our entry level courses is a great place to start. These are our Foundation Training or Core Training in Botox and Dermal Filler courses. 

Once you have completed your ‘basic training’ – whether with us or with other aesthetics training course providers, you can then move on to more advanced learning.

Dr Raquel Amado Dermal Filler

Level 7 Diploma options for intermediate and experienced aesthetics practitioners

The highest standard of injectables training in the UK is the Level 7 Diploma in Botox and Dermal Fillers. This Level 7 qualification in cosmetic injectables was devised by our founder, Dr Tristan Mehta, in 2015. We are proud to say that the Ofqual-regulated Level 7 Diploma is still the leading qualification in UK medical aesthetics today. 

Combining self-paced eLearning, expert observation and hands-on mentoring – where you treat your own patients and never share! – this is a truly comprehensive course. Our Level 7 offers a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine that prepares you for real life practise, whether you hope to work for an established clinic, or open your own.

As we await new licensing regulations, this in-depth education from expert practitioners can also help to prepare you for your future as an aesthetics practitioner in the UK.

In addition to our classic flagship Level 7 Diploma course, we also have a fast track option. Our Fast Track Level 7 Diploma qualification is particularly popular among experienced aesthetics practitioners wanting to formalise their qualifications. 

For those wishing to immerse themselves in a range of complementary injectables and skin treatments, we offer our full Level 7 as a combined option with our Cosmetic Dermatology course.

Harley Academy Level 7 Graduate Botox Dermal Filler Injectables

1:1 Injectables Training mentoring sessions (intermediate/experienced)

Cheek filler is included in all these courses. However, if you are a healthcare professional who is licensed to perform cosmetic injectables and looking to sharpen your cheek filler skills specifically, our 1:1 Training in Mid-face and Cannula is the best course for you.

This hands-on, one-to-one mentoring allows you to really level up your learning with dedicated guidance as you treat your own patient. Your mentor will also answer all your questions about any aspect of this treatment, so come prepared with a list!

If you’re a more experienced injector looking to refresh your skills and keep up to date with the latest techniques, this is a fantastic solution. Many of our graduates take this opportunity to come back and receive additional support in specific areas as their careers progress.

Our Student Recruitment team is waiting to hear from you and can recommend the perfect training pathway based on your unique situation. Book a call with them to discuss becoming #HarleyTrained, today!

Remember to let us know how you get on if you follow any of Shantel’s pointers, over on the Harley Academy Instagram account. Or, if you have any questions our aesthetics specialists can help you with, send those our way too! You don’t need to be a student to submit queries and all submissions will be kept anonymous.

All information correct at the time of publication.

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