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Business Skills For Injectors: Talking Money

In addition to the necessary physical and anatomical sides of aesthetics training, there are a number of important business skills for injectors to learn. When you come from a medical background, especially the NHS, talking money can be a real hurdle.

It makes many injectors feel uncomfortable or awkward, whilst others simply forget to take payment at all (a common mistake!).

For some practitioners, talking money can be one of the most challenging aspects of their work, whether it’s discussing pricing or charging patients.

It isn’t just something that affects new injectors, either. Even experienced aesthetics specialists can find the money side of their business tough, so don’t ever feel like you’re alone in this!

Aesthetics professionals on talking money with patients

To help you overcome this issue, we have some expert tips from two highly experienced industry professionals who have tackled the same problems.

Marcus Mehta, Harley Academy creative director, aesthetics doctor and co-founder of STORY Clinic:

“When I first started having to charge clients it was really difficult. I’d often lose eye contact and look elsewhere when mentioning the price. It would often mean I would under-treat with less product than they needed, or try and do a discount if I felt like it sounded a lot.

As I developed confidence in my own injecting, it became easier and less awkward. Knowing I could achieve a result with a certain amount of filler – that gave me the confidence to be able to state the price and know that, if they accept, I will be able to get a good result for them.” Continues below.


Kalpna Pindolia, Harley Academy director of education, aesthetics doctor who has owned her own practice and currently works in facial rejuvenation at STORY Clinic in London:

“Initially I felt well awkward and embarrassed! Then the more I liked the patient, the more I got “discount fever” as I felt guilty for charging them! I even forgot to charge them every so often, as I was so relieved that everything went okay.

I got over the awkwardness by realising my worth as a medical professional and aesthetic injector, even if I was newer in my aesthetic scope of practice. Understanding my value offered compared to non-medical providers really helped. When you realise you are essentially giving treatments out for free, or even at cost, it can be the push you need to get over any embarrassment. I began to understand that I was not an imposter and I offer a quality-led service that I should be charging people for appropriately. Also, the more you talk the talk… it gets easier!” Continues below.


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Now you know how the pros do it, hopefully you’ll be able to successfully avoid these potential pitfalls when it comes to talking about money with patients.

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