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Posted 14th Nov 2017

BOTOX® Training Courses

BOTOX® Training Courses

Botox courses that make a difference

Botox training is changing. Before we launched the UK’s first vocational Level 7 qualification in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine, there were only short, one day or weekend courses in botulinum toxins. Now, there are multiple centres offering our IQ Level 7 Certificate, and a renewed focus on increasing safety and transparency in the industry.

If you’re a doctor, dentist or nurse, you can help to improve training standards by training with us.

The course that’s right for you

Everyone is different, and different levels of training suit different kinds of people. You can become an outstanding Botox practitioner with a course that’s suitable for your background and ambitions.

When the government released official guidance on cosmetic training in 2016, we realised that there was a way to seriously improve standards in aesthetics training. We created a course that mapped every requirement to a deliverable outcome, and started running it. This was then accepted by Ofqual, the government’s office for examinations and qualifications, as meeting the new higher standard, and now it’s the UK’s first fully regulated Level 7 qualification.However, the importance that we give to safety and evidence-based practice infuses our Foundation Training days as much as our regulated qualifications. Whether you’re committed to lifelong professional development or just curious about the field, we have a suitable Botox course for you.

5 Benefits of Botox training

1. Dictate your own hours Unlike NHS rotas, private aesthetic practice gives you the freedom to dictate when you work. This can be in the evenings and weekends around your GP or consultant practice, or 9-5 like a normal day job to replace shift work.

2. Earn more It is widely-known that aesthetic medicine can be a lucrative career choice. With the average patient paying £210-470 per Botox treatment (1-3 areas) every 3 months, it only takes a couple of patients per week to add thousands to your income.

3. Connect with your patients One of the nicest opportunities presented by private practice is the chance to give patients time and focus and build a lasting professional relationship that is mutually beneficial.

4. Release your creativity Botox can be used for lower-face contouring, eyebrow lifting, and in conjunction with volumising fillers to create a variety of beautiful results. If you have an artistic side that is not nourished by clinical practice then Botox training is the perfect way to exercise your creativity.

5. Keep learning Aesthetics is a young field. Every week new procedures and products emerge in the market.

Aesthetics is a world filled with hype, but with a solid enough foundation in the principles of facial ageing and the science of rejuvenation medicine you can discern sense from nonsense, and discover the exciting, new, evidence-based techniques.

Why Choose Harley Academy for Botox Training?

  • A team of experts Our qualifications and courses have been designed by doctors and academics with the experience to do it properly ­- just take a look at our team.
  • More than just an impressive accreditation Our level 7 has an excellent reputation in aesthetics, but our focus is on your long-term success. We continue to innovate courses and tools for our community so that they can be the best, and stay the best, in the field.
  • Take your Botox training to the level that suits you If you have studied elsewhere you can still join our community of learners, and if you enjoy your Foundation Training, things don’t have to end there. You have the options of subsidised admission to the level 7 in Injectables, Mentoring, and Advanced Workshops.
  • Solid foundations We stand for evidence-based knowledge and peer review. All of our courses give you more than just practical advice but also in-depth background knowledge in skin ageing, facial anatomy, complex psychological issues involved in aesthetic care, and the science behind the efficacy of both botulinum toxins (“Botox”) and soft tissue fillers.
  • Future-proof your career If you choose the level 7, your career in aesthetics is protected against future changes to regulations in the industry because we base our Botox training qualifications on the recommended regulations. This is why you also get entry to the JCCP register.
  • Botox courses with Integrity Harley Academy’s reputation is built on the values that underpin our training courses: leadership, collaboration, and evidence-based practice.
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Level 7 training in botulinum toxins

Since 2015, there’s been an enormous push for training courses in botulinum toxins (“Botox”) to raise the standard of their courses to a level 7.

According to Health Education England and the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners, the minimum training requirements for delivery of botulinum toxin procedures now include:

  • A postgraduate/level 7 qualification
  • Observing 10 and treating 10 patients with Botox during clinical mentoring

To allow you to meet these requirements Harley Academy developed the UK’s first vocational level 7 qualification in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine. This qualification is now being licensed out by other training centres and is spreading across the UK.

Level 7 alumni are highly employable. By passing our rigorous assessments they don’t just earn an impressive accreditation, but also demonstrate that they have the skills to inject independently to a high standard.

Level 7 botulinum toxin and dermal filler course structure

The full Level 7 qualification (L7Cert) in Injectables in Aesthetic Medicine involves four parts:

  • Foundation Training Day: A one-day introductory training course
  • E-learning: 50-100 hours of university-standard online learning
  • Clinical Placement: Practical experience and personal mentoring
  • Assessment: A series of short coursework essays and a two hour Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

STEP 1: Botox Foundation Training Day

This one day course is the first stage in our combined Injectables (Botox and dermal filler) training course. It can also be a standalone course, and if you are a suitably qualified medical professional this certificate will allow you to start administering Botox and dermal fillers privately, in clinics and medispas.

Foundation Training Aims and Objectives

  • Appreciate the probity of medical research
  • Undertake a thorough assessment of your patient
  • Understand the biochemistry and mode of action of botulinum toxin
  • Demonstrate the bio-availability and diffusion of botulinum toxin
  • Recognise the immunogenicity, efficiency and safety of botulinum toxin
  • Understand the anatomy of the facial muscles
  • Develop foundations of documentation good record keeping
  • Learn dilution requirements and demonstrate various injection techniques
  • Assess indications for botulinum toxin, including:
  • Glabellar Lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Horizontal Forehead Lines
  • Lower Lid Rejuvenation
  • Upper Lip Rejuvenation
  • Mentalis Treatment
  • Depressor Angularis Oris Treatment
  • Platysmal Bands Treatment
  • Nasalis/Upper Lip Treatment
  • Nasal Scrunch and Flare Treatment
  • Hyperhidrosis Treatment
  • Be able to discuss the contraindications for botulinum toxin treatment
  • Deliver appropriate post-injection advice
  • Recognise complications for botulinum toxin treatment and appropriate management

STEP 2: Online Botox course

Our postgraduate-level online training in injectables provides a comprehensive education in the fundamentals and practice of injectable treatments.

Online learning features

  • 50-100 hours of university-standard material.
  • Core modules covering the latest medical knowledge in Botulinum Toxin, dermal fillers, skin ageing, dermatology and facial aesthetics.
  • Complementary modules on health and safety, law, policy and ethics.
  • Includes videos, interactive diagrams, and interim assessments.
  • Monitors your learning so you can continuously track your progress, and pick up where you left off.
  • Impartially compares products and brands.
  • Indications and contraindications.
  • CPD accredited (142 hours).

STEP 3: Clinical Mentoring in Botox Procedures

Patients can become a Botox model at our Training Clinics (“GILD Clinic”), allowing you – our trainees – to practice and observe botulinum toxin treatments in a real clinical setting. You will see or practice on a minimum of 40 patients during your Clinical Placement, included in the Level 7.

Clinical placement features:

  • Real patient consultations: an opportunity for delegates to respond to genuine patient concerns, design individualised treatment plans, and communicate these to patients.
  • Practice of accurate and appropriate injection technique and product placement under close supervision of an experienced aesthetic doctor.
  • Immediate feedback and one-to-one mentoring.
  • A logbook for recording your reflections for future reference.
  • The opportunity to ask questions as you learn.
  • Insurance for your supervised treatments.
  • A supervisor reference (this is required to qualify in injectables).
  • Experience what working in a successful cosmetic clinic is actually like.

STEP 4: Assessment

To achieve your qualification you need to pass the following assessments:

  • A completed logbook of 40 patient treatments
  • A series of 34 short essay questions (100 words to a maximum of 600 words)
  • A one-day Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

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